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Happy birthday
Happy wdc anniversary
Happy birthday
Hello, everyone! I am back after so long! I apologize for being away for so long. I just really needed to work on my things at home, whether it was with home or anything else. I am back, and this time, I am going to keep working on this story that I almost forgot about. I can't wait to see where this story goes in the future :)

Hi, everyone. I am now open for OC's for the next couple of chapters. If any of you are interested in creating your OC's, please feel free to send me the details and everything about them. I'm looking forward to seeing your OC's, and I'll make sure to try and add them all to Bowser Jr's Depression. The kinds of OC'S I'm looking for are listed below:
-Bowser Jr's Bully
-Jack's Mom (Jack is my recent OC)
-Jack's Dad (there will be a chapter that focuses on that)
-Jack's Older Brother
-Jack's Younger Brother
-Grocery Store Worker
-School kids (#1-6)
-Homeless Koopa
-Suicidal Koopa
-Police Koopas (#1-3)
-Teachers (at least 4 different teachers, either from elementary school, middle school, or high school)

These are your options for your own OC's. You can do more than one, but that is up to you. Thank you for reading this, and especially if you're going to participate. And, if you are going to give me reviews after reading, I just want to let you know that I am not doing this because I am depressed. I don't have any family members or friends that are depressed, but if anyone out there is, I just want to let you know that everyone matters and everything is going to be ok. I know the world is crazy right now, but I promise I will try to make your life easier with my stories. I love you all so very much, and I hope you guys have a glorious day/night. I hope to see your OC's soon, and I'll see you soon.

Turtle Out
Hi. I am Turtle, and the 3rd chapter of my story is complete. If you are interested in reading, please go check it out. And if not, then that's ok.

Love you all :)

Turtle Out
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