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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
I've recently finished a new story. You can find it on my deviantart page
It was wonderful!!!
A fantastic story as usual, well done!
Thank you to whoever gifted me the membership! ;3; That's very kind of you!
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Whoever anonymously gave me the membership, Thank you so much! ^^

That was a really wonderful surprise!
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Same thing happen to me too
This site is like a wonderland 😁
New story posted on deviant art. I'll probably be posting another one soon as well.

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That was great.
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I like it, hopefully there will be more added on soon! ^u^
New story just uploaded to my dA


Two others will follow in the next days (hopefully)
New Boxer TF story published on wattpad

New story just added on my deviant art/ watt pad accounts. Will be posting a new boxer tf story tomorrow.
New story coming soon

Some point in the next few days hopefully, no promises.

It's going to be a standard micro.

That is all.
That's awesome news :)
I look forward to it.
New Story added

Two endings. Traditional macro. Enjoy

New Story added on wattpad

Warning: A bit more on the mature side.

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