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Love in the Garden  (E)
The past is best left behind.
Hi there

I want to say, I like your port and guess what, I'm one step closer to White/Red Queen/King, so I'm excited about finishing this contest and get that crown. So I hope you are having a good day. Be safe!

I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Teenage Suicide  (13+)
Watching the preacher telling bereaved parents that God has a plan.
Hey Canis Lupis ,

I just read your poem "Beggar Child. I enjoyed the read. Thanks for writing and sharing.

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 My Destiny  (E)
Type the title and Gerald Gabriel on Youtube.com to listen my song
Every review I write will be an honest opinion on how I think the work needs tweaking if it needs any at all. I will not enter into a debate or tolerate childishness from immature people that get their feelings hurt too easily and then retaliate. You should want frankness and truth to help you become a better writer as I do. IF not, then ask someone else who will blow smoke up.... who will be all flowery and apologetic. I'm not that.
I don't like entering into theological discussions either. I'll tell you that I know a great deal about religion but I know fiction when I read it. I will try to pass on some knowledge if asked or if I see an error in your work like calling an Archangel a Saint etc....Doesn't mean I believe in their existence. Don't pester me about such things. I am here about writing and to hopefully become good about something I'm passionate about. Thanks.
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