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Long time no note, as you can tell I have been busy... busy getting the competition winner's prize that is!

Once again, congratulations to Bobo for the 300th chapter. We will have to run this kind of competition again, as it really created a surge in creativity.

As for the prize itself, here is a link to it:

It features a scene from one of the chapters Bobo himself wrote as well. Olga indulging in her new chef duties in the Naga Palace, while her new best friend Amoxtli… just plain old indulges. Enjoy everyone and thanks for playing!
Looks like we have a winner!

Congratulations to Bobo the Hobo for his 300th chapter!

Here is the winning chapter for those that are interested:

And here is his profile for the 5 or so people on here who might not know who he is:

Now for anyone who is disappointed, so not fret. There will be another such contest down the line. Sooner rather than later is Yndyre keeps growing at this rate haha!

Also, a big thank you to everyone who has been adding chapters as of late. It's been a blast reading them all!
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So that explains the sudden surge in all these Yndyre stories. Well, even though I’m no longer active on here, it pleases me thoroughly to see this story take off. I’ve really been enjoying these stories for old and new characters alike. I still even give out a few merit badges to those who really add to the legends and lore of this world Trampltrum and I created. Keep up the good work, everyone! I’m devouring these stories as fast as they come off the presses.
Ok here is the follow-up for my last note, where I will officially reveal the present I have in store.

Ahem... whoever writes and publishes the 300th chapter for Legends of Yndyre will get a free artwork commission of any scene they desire (thank-you to the wonderful Lilly-Moo for providing the opportunity for this)

There are some rules to this that I shall first lay out:

1: The chapter must be decently sized. No one-paragraph uploads to try and sneak something through.

2: From this point on, any chapters which just add a new character do not count to the total. Feel free to add them, but they won't count until after this competition.

3: I will note the winner when I spot that a 300th chapter is uploaded.

4: To follow up on the last point, I retain the right to deny any art idea. Mostly this covers inappropriate themes such as underage characters, and toilet topics; but also off-topic ideas as well (so long as it is Yndyre characters and setting it,s fine. But nothing like Cameena and Catwoman or something like that).

Other than that, have fun uploading! I can't wait to see what will be created :).
Ok actual note time.

Thank you to everyone that has been adding to Yndyre over the years! You have really helped flesh this world out.

So as a thank-you, I am preparing something special for if/when we reach 300 chapters. So stay tuned for more information...
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