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(It is Ajay, right?)
Hey unique. Happy 12/12/12! I see someone gifted you a pic for your suitcase. if you go to your account page , you can pick a different costumicon if you want. to suit your unique self. *Star*
Hi All,

I'm Back :) After working in corporates for a few weeks/months.

How are you all? Hope some of you remember me? :)

I'll try to start reviewing again, though some great groups deleted me because of my inactivity :)

Interact with some of you soon, on the other hand, you're always welcome to write from your side too :)
Please let me know, if any writer here would love to co-write a fiction book with me, which is a story about teens and ghosts.
Hi All,

I'm going to make 4 movies in Delhi, India from next weekend. If any of you happen to be interested in working in a movie or getting involved with it somehow or the other, please let me know. Actors, Producers, Asstt. Directors, Dancers, Foreigners required
Hi Friends,

I'm facing lots of problems because of manipulators, political activists, goons, criminals, stalkers, detectives, trolls, enemies etc since more than two decades in New Delhi, India.

It's really getting over my nerves now. I've only two options left:

1. I commit suicide

2. I kill my enemy.

Please help me dear community members by guiding me as to what to do and what not to do.
Perhaps there is another angle in which you can look at the situation. It may provide more options.
They are even mixing slow poison or the poison which has a certain expiry date against me and my family.
The only right decision can be to kill him and his entire family because he and his entire family is engaged in this activity against me and my family. I'm not a coward or weak that I can't answer him and his entire criminal group.
I'm still looking for a co-writer for a fiction book, which I'm writing for a US client. It is a story of ghosts, teens, and wizardry
Nobody interested in writing and get paid??
I'm surprised only two of my friends responded to write, but none took the offer for writing a fiction book for a US client. Please let me know if anyone is interested, you will get paid for it too.
First of all thank you for responding to my notebook. It is a book for Children and Ghosts
I am going to Thailand on 20th June. Let me know if anyone of you want anything from there or could meet me there. I will be there for at least 15 days.
My Father is badly unwell. Please pray for his speedy recovery