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Happy anniversary
Happy birthday 🎂
Happy anniversary
*CakeP**BalloonB**BurstP* Happy Birthday to You! *BurstP**BalloonB* *CakeP*

Still missing you and hoping you'll be back one day.

Hugs from Hannah & Gang.
WHAT! Are you back? I have missed you so much! How are you doing?

Hannah ♥
Haven't talked to you in awhile, Ali - just popping in to say hello!
Hi Sue! *Delight* Thanks for stopping by. It's been a busy few months for me. Hope you are doing well! *Suitheart* Ali
Thanks very much for the raffle tickets!
You are very welcome!
Hey! You joined "Invalid Item. Welcome, and thank you for the support. *Smile*
Thank YOU (and Justine) for thinking to invite me! The group looks fantastic, and I am looking forward to participating. *Smile*
Hi Ali. Thanks very much for the raffle tickets. Very kind of you. Cheers. Mick. *Thumbsup*
You're welcome!

Congratulations! Rising Stars recognised how awesome your reviews are, and I was the lucky beneficiary of one of them. *Bigsmile*

Very much deserved.

Thanks Kaylee! *Bigsmile*
Hi! Says *LeafR*Spring!!*Sun**ButterflyB*
*Vine2* Helloooo, Spring! *Vine1**Butterflyg*
Thank you so much for the Green Fairy raffle tickets. *Smile*

Very gererous of you!

You're very welcome!
*BalloonB* CONGRATULATIONS, ALI!!!! Woo-hoo! Rising Stars together! How wonderful! Yeeeee-haaaaaw! *Delight* *ThumbsUp*
Thanks, Kasia! *Bigsmile* I am so excited!!! It's amazing how many of us newbies have been given this honor in the past few weeks. We're an amazing bunch.
Twinkle Twinkle Rising Star, I saw you shining from afar!

I knew it was only a matter of time. *Star* CONGRATULATIONS *Star*

Thanks Kaylee! Now we get to shine together. *Wink*
Hi there! Thank you for the lovely raffle tickets. Very kind of you *Smile*

You're welcome!
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