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Just do some yours views on my poems.
Just do some of your reviews on my poems.
Hello to you all, I would love to invite you, Everyone, for coming to my portfolio and giving your precious comments on my handwritten poems, Thanks.
Hey, how are you doing? I hope you all are doing well, i have an issue which i need to scott out i am registered author of this site but my time limit has been over here as an author, now i can't post any work of mine and i am also unable to purchase paid membership, so guys can you plz tell me that how can i resume with posting my work again?
Well, you're up awfully late (or early, depending on your schedule)! You currently have a Free Membership, which doesn't expire, and a quick check of your port shows that you should be able to post 2 more items. There are places on-site you can go to request an upgrade, but they have requirements. RAOK, for example, requires you to be a member for at least 5 months. So, take your time, take a look around and, for the time being, make the most of your portfolio options. Good luck!
You can remove an item from your portfolio and put something else up in it's place for a while. I used to struggle with only having 10 items in my portfolio as well. It's hard to prioritize what needs to stay up and what can be taken down to make room for something new.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/urooba