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"The pansy at my feet doth the same tale repeat:

Whither it has fled, the visionary gleam. Where is it now, the glory and the dream?"

Piper Jo Kraynak arrived this afternoon at 1:09 PM. She's 8lbs 7oz, and 20 inches. Couldn't be happier.
Aww, little Piper is beautiful. Cpongratulations JM!
Congratulations. *Babygirl**Confettir* So lovely!
My two girls meet.
Congratulations!!! Incredibly beautiful and sweet! *Heart*
I've got less than 2 weeks before the due date of my 2nd daughter. We both have a feeling that she'll be here some time this week. Can't wait.
I'd settle for ONE daughter. All I've got are two lazy boys. *Laugh*
I've got five brothers and four sisters. My parents were uhm, rabbit like lols. I'm one of the more quieter ones out of the bunch!
-An excerpt from a new short story I'm writing-

It was a tiresome tip-tapping of that incessant rainfall that drove me to the madness – not the sentence, nor the torture. No, reader, it was the tapping. Whence one is the victim of such painful and beleaguered, endless drumming of such an indefinite pitch, there’s no reason, no logic… there’s nothing – nothing but that tapping. I say, reader, that sound will tear whatever fabrics of sanity you may have. I found myself not bound by the shackles, nor the chains, nor the constables. I was bound by myself. There was naught but the focus on the rhythm, then the whispers, then the demands.

There lies betwixt the downbeat of each tip-tapping, a voice. It comes to us in that hereafter silence – a fleeting moment, bygone at the moment of its arrival. Thus it holds an effect; an influence thus imprisoning the mind within the walls of madness. I tell you, reader, whence it was that I saw their lips, flip-flapping that damnable sentence upon my damnable soul, I’d left myself there in that tribunal.
I love this excerpt, and I want to read more!
I'm celebrating Easter today, which is fine because I get my Cadbury Creme Eggs early, but I have to leave for a month tomorrow. The things we do to make money...
Mmm, Cadbury Eggs, my favorite. Save me one? *Egg5*
I'm considering this for an opening line in a new short story, what do you think?

I heard a man say once, in a bygone time: 'What we do in life echoes in eternity.'

But what if that life is eternal? What then becomes of the echoes?
A compelling opening line.
Officially 1 month away from meeting our daughter! Super excited! If she's at all like her sister, she's going to be loads of fun.
Just got off the phone with my daughter. She sang me the whole chorus to "winds of change."

I thought to myself, I have the coolest kid ever; A scorpions fan at 2 years old. Who needs "twinkle twinkle little star" when you can have "Rock you like a hurricane?"
I'd love to see Queensryche. Eyes of a stranger is one of my favorite songs in my playlist.
Bound in fuselage for the return trip home! I leave the cold of North Dakota!!!!!!!#
Congratulations to all the Raiders who received MBS for our March Mayhem Raid! you earned it!