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Happy Birthday! *CakeB*
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Just dropping by to say... I still need more reviews for the "Sopira Kero chapters! (Don't forget, they all auto-reward.) Also, I've posted some new images in my concept art folder, and of course I'd love to hear what my fellow WDC members think of it!
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Well, I've spent half the day posting chapters! The first twelve chapters of "Sopira Kero" are finally up and just waiting to be read and reviewed! They are still rough draft chapters, so they may be a little... well, rough... but they all reward over 100gp's!! Also, I should be posting another chapter or two later tonight.

If you want to read something new, please come and check out the chapters:

 Sopira Kero  (E)
Rough draft chapters for the 4th "Kero" book, and related writings.
#2163348 by Brittany L. Engels
Well, I finally updated Rompita Kero and put the edited sample chapters up... but I've accomplished little else. Mostly because I've been battling fleas *SwordR*

They were all over my poor little cat, and on one of the dogs; but the other three dogs were practically untouched! They'd made a home for themselves in one of the dog beds, and in the cat's litter boxes! It was aweful *Rant*

Anyway, I've been awake since 6am... yesterday... so I'm ready to get some rest. With any luck I'll be back on Tuesday to post the first 5 chapters of my new book!

Hope everyone else has had a better weekend than me -Brit*Wolf*
Hey writers and readers! Wanted to pop-in for a moment to say... "I'm still here!" It's just been hard to get on recently *Pthb*. I'm working on my 4th novel for the Kero series, as well as story-boarding a book trailer for it... I'm also learning my way around Harmony animation software so I can create said trailer in 2D animation. So I'm also simplifying and finalizing character designs. I've also been made a manager at my day job at Petco, on top of being a store dog trainer. This all good news (I think) but has been keeping me very busy.. I might go crazy *Crazy*, cry *Cry*, or just fall asleep *Sleeping*. Oh! I was also loaned to another store which meant extra hours and of course I have a house full of critters to take care of.

Darn... I have to Petco right now! Didn't realize it was so late.
Everyone have a great day and hopefully I'll be on with new posts tomorrow! -Brit*Wolf*
Well, I cleaned up the "Defio Kero" folder and got the sample chapters up! If anyone wants to read and review I'd definitely appreciate it *Bigsmile*.
Next, I'll start posting a few rough draft chapters from the upcoming book "Sopira Kero", along with some of the character concept art.

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Also, if you have a chance to check out my new website, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Thanks everybody, and have an awesome day!
I'm so happy!!*Happycry* I just re-upgraded my membership! I might be here A LOT over the next couple weeks, posting new stuff, catching up on some reading, etc. The first thing I want to do is post the fully-edited chapters of Defio Kero, then I'll post post the rough-draft chapters for Kero book 4! Wait, I already put up one new item. Please don't hesitate to leave a review, good, bad or otherwise...

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Hey WDC! I haven't been on in a long while, but might be coming back officially in a few days *Bigsmile*
So much has happened in the last year, including the release of Defio Kero (finally), and the building of a new website... just for the Kero books! If you want to learn more about both of those, you can visit: https://www.theKero.com

I have way more to share, but don't want to overwhelm anyone, so I'll leave it at that for now.
See you soon... well, metaphorically at least *Think* -Brit
Just a quick note to say that I hope to be coming back to WDC soon... I've been crazy busy with a new(ish) job as a full-time Petco dog trainer, a tiny kitten, writing and editing, a lot of research into new topics, caring for my two dogs, car shopping, and finally getting a diagnosis for all the medical issues I've been having... MS.

Defio Kero has been a difficult book to write and edit, but it looks like things are finally, truly, wrapping up. It should be in print by mid December!! I'll post a link when it's available. (If anyone is interested in proof reading or reading and reviewing on amazon, please let me know!)

Hope everyone's had a good year, and enjoys the holiday season.
God bless -Brit*Ornament2G*
Just wanted to say hope you are doing well. Haven't seen you on writing in a while. Happy thanksgiving, too! (I'm a day late, I know.)
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Thanks for thinking of me!*BigSmile* Hope you're doing well too!

Heads Up! My paid membership will be expiring soon. If you've been reading anything of mine... read quickly. I'll get the paid membership back asap.

Also, a big Thank You and God Bless to everyone who's been praying for me! *Bigsmile* If you haven't heard, I'm back on my own two feet and only using a cane on bad days. It was a hard battle, but I'm glad to be walking again. We are still trying to figure out what exactly went wrong, and learning to cope with the symptoms that haven't gone away, but over-all things are WAY better.

It Looks like Defio Kero will be published on March 21st, which is my retired Service Dog's 13th birthday! *PartyHatO*
My real-life "Tory" has a character in the book (actually it's a reoccurring character in all the "Kero" books) named "Tor", so it's a fitting day to publish.
I have gotten a few people to read it all the way through, including a members of my target audience, and their reviews leave me hopeful that the book could do well if the marketing is good.

I'll still be around when my paid membership expires and hope to catch up on some long overdue reading and reviewing. But I will also be trying to get Defio ready for publishing, working on drafting book 4 in the series, finalizing character designs for book 4, possibly working on a few illustrations for some of the Kero books and designing Defio's interior. I'm also in the process of learning Blender, which is both fun and challenging.

If you want to know what I'm up to when I'm not here on WDC you can follow me on twitter and patreon:

God Bless! -Brit*Coffee*
Just a note to say I'm re-starting my blog... as a lot is changing. Promise to post something better later, but I did add one little entry already. It's just something I jotted down real quick *Reading*

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*PartyHatG* Happy New Year Everyone!!*PartyHatV*

*Delight* Here's an update for anyone who's curious about my medical situation...

The testing to find out if I have Hashimoto's turned out to be a bit too expensive (especially after the MRI), so I wasn't able to have that done. However, my doctor (a naturalist) gave me several things to do that are helpful in minimizing the symptoms of Hashimoto's. They've worked great! I am now using a cane, not crutches or wheelchair, and that's fantastic! The painful flares are now less common and far less intense, and some of the nerve damage in my leg has healed.

Some of the changes I've had to make include removing gluten, corn and soy from my diet. Eating more healthy fats (coconuts, avocados, pecans, etc...), and drinking less coffee. I don't care much for that last one *Meh*, but I'll do what works. I'm also now rehabbing with short walks and yoga.

I do still have "mini" flares, with pain primarily in my legs and arms, but they're much more manageable. I also have frequent migraines, and it looks like a portion of nerve damage in my right foot is permanent. There are a few other symptoms that still linger, but nothing that isn't livable. I am thrilled to be able to get back to many of the things I've missed; like walking and driving.

This has been a crazy time, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've learned a lot over the last 14 months.

Thank you to everyone who prayed, and for all the well wishes I've received from the wonderful people here on WDC!
God bless you all -Brit *Coffee*
So glad you've gotten some helpful advice! I'll keep praying!
Thanks AlyCat! *Bigsmile*
*Holly1* Merry Christmas!!*Holly2*

Hope everyone is having an awesome Christmas! -Brit*Coffee*
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