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New chapter for "Toadette's Story:
         "Chapter 59 - Spilling Emotions
Alright, new chapter for "Toadette's Story again. Jeez, let me actually aim for consistency this time. Things have been smoothed out now:
"Chapter 58 - Grabbing My Brother
New chapter for, "Toadette's Story. Getting more plot-heavy, but it's gonna get kinky later this week:
         "Chapter 57 - Race Home
I've added a new chapter to "Toadette's Story:
         "Chapter 56 - Penelope's Race
Toadette's Story will continue this week, I apologise for the delay.

Bit of a rebranding here like in other years. New hair, new look, I think it's pretty hot, don't you? Anyways, if you guys haven't, feel free to join my Discord server  . The link is only good until either the 8th or 9th of January, so you gotta hop in fresh. 18+, expect a lot of feet, also expect non-feet conversations like games, movies and general stuff.
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New chapter for Toadette's Story uploaded. I'll likely throw in two next week just to make up for lost time.

Update in case those who don't follow me on DeviantArt didn't get the memo (I should've done this earlier). Yeah, I was deleted from there. There's a YT video   explaining the whole situation.

I'm still going to be posting stories here, and if they have illustrations (as long as I have room), they'll be shared with them. So don't worry; I'm not inactive.

"Toadette's Story will also continue; it's just on a temporary break since this whole deletion threw me off. It'll receive its next chapter this Saturday.

Honestly, while having a lower audience, this platform's writing tools are way better than what DA offered in Eclipse. So it's almost a blessing that I don't have to work on it.
DA is a strange place - I took my stuff away from it ages ago. Things are a lot less dramatic on WDC.
Yes, it's a shame seeing the current state of DA and how draconian their policies are now becoming. But you are right about the devs being within their right to police their own website and reinforce their guidelines as they see fit. Like it or not, at the end of the day it's their world - we just chose to live in it.

Having said that, it really sucks that DA had decided to give you the boot over a victimless crime. You know, I knew something was up when I had looked at my page and noticed you were no longer on my watchlist. I also knew we never had any quarrel or disagreements of any kind so it didn't take me long to put two and two together. Had I known this would happen I would've saved as much as your work as possible and keep it in a folder, carefully preserved in case you were to suffer their wrath. My only hope is that somebody else had saved the work your missing and they just haven't caught wind of the news yet. Markiplier said it best: "I guess even fame has its price."

In any case, I'm glad you know there's still a home for you here on WDC. The atmosphere is more lax and much better too; people are more understanding, or at least more tolerant, of those with our interests and tastes (*Pthb*). And don't sweat the fact your audience may be small here on this website. Trust me, having a less busy place to create and share your work is quite a refreshment, especially when you know you have an audience awaiting your next post, open or secret. That also alleviates the weight of expectations since WDC is just as much designed for leisurely pursuits as it is for professional material. So if you ask me, quiet and unassuming sites like WDC and AO3 are the perfect places to begin again. With all this in mind, I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors and don't be a stranger. You're always welcome here.*Smile*

TL;DR - It's a relief that you're not gone, and what doesn't cancel you makes you stronger.
No respond feature, but look at the latest notebook entry here. Nobody had to worry about saving all my stuff. I saved all my stuff. Just like that damn goat from Hoodwinked, I'm prepared.
For a shortcut to my entire backed-up art gallery (with copies of most writings too), I recommend bookmarking either of the three links I'll provide. You get access to nearly everything I've done from 2018 to the present. Animations, illustrations, videos, journals, etc. A few are missing, but nevertheless, 98% is better than 0%.

I've uploaded a few foot sketches on my Pixiv account, so check that out if you haven't already.

Art Accounts:

Back-up Cloud Storage:
Google Drive  
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I really love writing MLP foot fetish stories specifically, I've noticed.
"A DJ's Dirty Feet Cleaning
"Apple Bloom's Dirty Gas Station Feet
"Scootaloo Wants Chocolate
"Sweetie's Hotel Treatment

So I'm open to potential suggestions about these. Even for variety's sake. But here are the covers to two upcoming ones. Clearly I'm on a Scootaloo high for the moment.

One chapter of Toadette's Story has been added this morning. At last, she encounters the Shy Guys' leader for a second time. "Chapter 27 - The Shy Guys' Last Stand

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