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Let your inspiration be a tree, a dog or an insect. Get inspired from them. Only this will take you to the next level.
Dont set inspiration of other fellow being.
Dear Writers,

I published my first ebook in Amazon last night and the link is shared below. Please read it and share it to as many people as you can if you really love it. Your kind action would be a great support for a newbie like me. I wish to get a wider audience throughout the world. That's why I reach here. As you all know, rating and review matter a lot both in writers.com and amazon.com. So I am expecting your valuable reviews within 24 hours as Amazon demands it for good ranking. The ebook is written is very simple English and designed well to suit even kids. A lot of messages and life lessons are fetched inside.
I also request all Moderators, Preferred authors here to support me. Writing is going to be my full-time profession.
In my region with a very small circle of my friends, there is no awareness of Kindle. But still, I opted Kindle Select believing that my foreign friends (Referring you all) will be benefited to support me. I need to reach irrespective of countries, races, genders, age.
Let me know If you review my book.

To: ikiyaSama(Satet)

Honourable Madam,
I would like to inform you that Somik Bandopadhyay becomes my Mentor from today.

With regards and respect,
Hello Writers,

Requesting your kind attention here...

In my locality, my writings couldn't get deserved recognition. I'm fed up with that and got unmotivated.

My friend referred this website and told me here I could see genuine feedback from professional writers, and they encourage fellow writers to reach the next level. I see you all as such a kind. I chose writing as my profession, and I would be delighted if I could earn a decent income from my writings, which is my passion.

Here I'm doing all possible things to bring myself forward as an author.
Right now, I'm writing a novel, and it will be published shortly as an ebook.
Expecting your support in this regard as I love to have a universal audience and extend my contacts.

Stay healthy!
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