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hi guys not fully done with my story i might be up all night working on it but its able for every one to read it but if you get scared very easy then i wont read it if i where you though out the story it will get more scary i think i might go to bed soon because i have school and a test to do tomorrow so wish me luck and ill try to finish my story as fast as i can please give me tips if you see something you don't like thanks byeee
i'am now working more on my story called not alone
Welcome to WDc! *Bigsmile*
i'm heading to bed i have school tomorrow by the way i'm 13 and a running up writer, i can't wait to be a writer one day.anyway good night
Best of luck with your writing!
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
not alone   (E)
when Olivia was out of town on spring break.she ends up stuck somewhere but shes not alone
its not done yet it's just the start of my new story called not alone i hope you like it so far and please give me some tips that you think will make it better
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