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Well, I've come down with a case of Rhinovirus. Someone must have sneezed on me without my notice. Which sucks, because everyone is sick and now I have to pull a double shift to try and fill the void and at the expense of my own health.
I hope you feel better soon! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Tired, worn out, and cold. But hey; there's cake.
Welcome to WdC! Sorry about the rest, but I'm glad there's cake! *Bigsmile*
"I used ta care," the Dwarf said. "Used to. I don't now. I find that enough mead cures me of givin' a damn. When yeh care, then yeh get all invested. Yeh start getting trouble o' the stomach, yeh get tha gas. And then, yeh pass wind while yer' proposin'. Her dad kicks yeh out, and you yeh end up arrested fer gettin' drunk an' pukin' on tha lute player. So, yeh. I don' care anymore."
I woke up this morning, stumbled into the kitchen and choked down some caffeine. Through bleary eyes I realized, "It's Sunday, and I'm the poor schlep that has to work." Bloody hell. Another 12 hour shift and I don't have a single shot of bourbon to make it interesting.
Just started the prologue to my new story, "Adalia: Onions" - it's a working title. The World of Adalia is not unlike Discworld, except minus the turtle, or disc. This is book 1 in the series: "Masters of Prophet and Vice". Spelling intentional.
During an early morning, Saturday ice storm, I contemplate the existence of HFCS and the Platypus.
Welcome to WdC, Vincent Amaedeus Hatchett! Interesting things to ponder for sure!
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