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Tertius, the third continent, is finished. This completes the map with the exception now of naming everything, not just towns but the forests, mountains and the rest. Some of that has been done, as inspiration struck me, but there is still much to label. And in the process of doing that, I may still make some alterations to the terrain, but for now, here's the full world of Praesidium.


Follibus is the Imperiums main city on Tertius, and is the port hub of that region. The Imperium's control here is actually very minimul, being restricted to the tip of the penninsula and a few small towns on the islands off it's western and southern coasts. No inspiration has struck me yet for the swamp and forest dwelling people also on this continent, yet. I have, however, labeled a couple more towns for Secundus. More inspired for the mountain dwellers at the moment.
Finished up Secunda, and began work on the third continent of Praesidium, but before I show anything on the third, I felt an update was needed to show the completion of Secunda. I hadn't added any forest and had minimul labeling with the previous update, so here we are.


Fornfell, literally meaning Ancient Mountain, is the tallest peak of the Hridheim Mountains, and is a spiritual foci as well as a symbol for the tribes of the men of the south. Many of the people of the Imperium view them as nothing more than marauders and barbarians, however, their architecture gives credence to a long time focus on the importance of detail. Most, if not all, of the embellishments to structures depict women in warrior's raiment. Despite their being very few actual women amidst their military, those that do appear are regarded as the strongest of their numbers. Vifamadr is the name of the revered goddess, seen as mother, wife, daughter, and warrior of the people.

Vegrgard (Honor Court) is the capital city of the Barngrimmr, or Fierce Children, where their most elegant structures stand, and where they often begin their pilgrimmages to Fornfell to renew their ties to Vifamadr.
Praesidium's second continent is not done yet, but I did add in the polar regions and start the second continent. I'm actually surprised at how little room this leaves me for the third continent. Not sure how I feel about that yet.


Nevertheless, Secundus is the heart of the Imperium. They are not alone on this continent, but the majority of the continent is theirs. The capital of the Imperium lies in Incus, a sprawling city at the center of a lake, and expanding to the shores around the whole of the lake.

The mountain people to the south have been a thorn in the Imperium's side for many generations, and has always been a matter of contention. The Imperium does not seek to control the mountains, yet the mountain people seem to think the Imperium will not rest till they've conquered the whole of the world. And meanwhile, in the hearts of the civilians, many wish the Imperium would stomp out the mountain folk, simply in the interest of protecting the people from their marauding.
Praesidium's first continent is ... done? I feel satisfied with how it looks with exception to perhaps a few adjustments of how certain things are displayed, such as oases in the desert. Of course, coming up with names for towns, and perhaps adding more locations within the map will need to be taken care of as well. I also have to come up with names for the forests, mountains, bodies of water, and such, but names are always the hardest, so I'll strive to finish the terrain of the map before I name it all.


Primoris is the continent here, and it is the home to two of the main cultures in the story that will take place in this world. I have two major towns already marked and named, as they are the major homes for these two civilizations.

The Ka’daj-Sia is viewed as a holy place, with the ruins of a village situated there from some time ago. The military of a desert people took up the name Sia-Vrama, meaning Pass Guards, as they took it upon themselves to designate themselves the official guardians to the safety, protection, and preserving of that village ruin, under the belief that the gods once lived there and would return one day.

Occasus is a major port town for the other civilization on this continent, the Aeternus Trinitas Imperium. It functions not only as a means to ship items and people throughout the rest of the world, it is also a major source of fresh water, due to the fact that the river delta that extends around it is sourced from a mountain spring. Occasus is the major town on Primoris for the Imperium, but it is not the only major town for the whole of the Imperium, as they exist on other continents as well.
Starting a map for a third world in the cosmos of my writing. The first two aren't exactly complete, but they are getting there. I still have yet to succeed in my goal to actually finish writing what is slithering around in my head, but, in part that is a computer issue this year. While at the halfway point in Nanowrimo 2015, my Word stopped behaving with my formatting needs, and while that shouldn't keep me from writing, it was a distraction and a peeve that I could not make the document look the way I wanted it to. It's a personal annoyance, but it stopped me from continuing, and as a result, I did not even reach the goal of 50,000 words, so I'm no where near finished with that 'chapter' of the story.

When ideas pop into my head though, I have to get them down lest they flit away, so while I could be finishing that, I did just randomly start to get ideas for the cultures and layout of the world of the third setting for my main characters, and so I have to work on the map otherwise... it will be gone.

Anyone wanting to take look at the drafts as I work on it, let me know, and I can mail it around, but for now... Praesidium's development begins.
First Post. Just joined writing.com, and hope to meet some more fellow writers. I am a member of Nanowrimo, used wattpad for a bit, and blog on wordpress. I hope to have some of my writing ready to be posted here and shared in time, but I'm gearing up for this years Nanowrimo, so some projects are put on hold so as to have less distractions during Nanowrimo.
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