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I'm back! I plan on writing a short fantasy story.
It's now up to read! #2229822
Go, Vexa!
On the who dunnit: carpenter, electrician, or plumber.

You: Together they built a house!
Me: Yea they did!
I finished the first draft of the first chapter of my new fantasy novel I'm making! I hope you'll read it and review it so I can adjust it. "Anceridd Firefly - Chapter One DRAFT
I'm back! I plan on writing again by the end of this week. Wish me luck!
I've been busy developing games lately but I managed to write a fun screenplay about two princesses that fall in love - It's my take on 'Romeo and Juliet'. I would like to wish Writing.com a very happy birthday as well!
I've been busy irl for the past week or so and my paid membership expired. I haven't written a story in a while but I'm hoping to write again when I get the time which is hard because I have to work on a game I am developing. I plan to try writing up a short concept on my writing style to give people a taste of my storytelling without having a need for a page code. I need a membership again and I'll try to review any projects you wish for me to review.
Tell me your thoughts on what I should write by the end of the next week.
I have a few stories available now for you to read. Be sure to send me a review!
Please read my newest adjustments to "Invalid Item and tell me what you think. The Passkey is 1234
It now no longer requires a passkey! Now everyone can read the story.
I deleted my old works and I'm working on making them even better. I'm even making some new stories as well.
I posted this yesterday but I'm posting it again just in case you missed it. "Invalid Item PASSKEY: 1234
Check out the special item "Invalid Item PASSKEY: 1234
Writer's block has snuck up on me so I've been unable to think of anything to write. Wish me luck.
I'm planning on writing an adult comedy about a demon in an angel's world but I don't know how crude and rough I'm allowed to get with the story on this site. I want the story to stand out and contain tons of curse words as well as dark humor but I don't know if such satire is allowed here.