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Can't wait to read your entry. Good luck in the Joust!
Hail. I found your in and Out space item on the In and Out page but when I entered it said the item couldn't be found. *Sad* any way it was a neat idea--ahead of its time and I was just too late. it is hard to keep those going. Welcome in to WDC !
Here it is:I astral travelled to Jupiter and landed at the temple area from where the Wisdom keepers, who keep an eye on Earth and oft send messages of higher consciousness to the dreams of humans, wonder and watch. It is so calm here. *Star*
Hi Vince, just wanted to say thank you for filling the survey The Paper Doll Birthday Survey. Your Birthday has been added to "Invalid Item
Hi there! How are you? *Smile*

*Star*I saw you are a newbie. Welcome To Writing.Com. I thought you might want to check this out: "Let's help each other grow- Closed *Star*

Aqua! *Star*
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