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Hiee Writers
Take some time to read and review my new article on KARMA. It's a small one.

Hope you all like it.

- Viji Gs
Describe your life in a word
Our Personality is the reflection of our thoughts.
At the end of the day, its all about being yourself.

Wrote my next article.A very small one. Check it out. In my portfolio

Wrote a new poem about the struggle every writer goes through based on my personal experience. go through it and give your valuable feedback.
A striving writer
Wrote my second poem.
Beyond friendship.
Have a look and drop in your reviews
Decided to try story writing. A small sample conversation from the story is given.
Cuz Gemma is a " not a cliche".
Give your reviews and what you expect from the story.
Hi, Viji *Smile*

Welcome to WDC.
I hope you would enjoy sharing your writings as well as finding your way up here.

If you need any help especially on navigating the WDC site, don't hesitate to ask. Okay. *Bigsmile*

Or you can drop by at the Newbies Academy Lounge.
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Have a great day WRITING!
Samberine Sig.
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Is it okay to not be okay?
My first poem.
It is a very small piece of poetry about a weird, strong girl
hello all!
A goddess from paradise landed on earth to see if "hope" was more powerful than her.
have a look at my article about this.
Its all about Mr.Hope and give your valuable review
came up with the 2nd article..!! about cyclone vardah.. do have a look and review it
Came up with my first article!
The voice of an indian girl.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/vijigs