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Hey thx everyone for reaching the goal. Chapter 3 of Naruto new awakening is taking long then I thought so it will be done soon also I’m going to start releasing three chapters at a time so they will take longer to make but you will get a lot more thank for the support
To all naruto new awakening fans I will post chapter 3 when chapter 2 reach 40 views.
Dose anyone know the text limit on storys
It depends on the level of your membership. The higher paid memberships allow larger items in your portfolio while the free membership item size is a little smaller. Before you get too worried: even the free membership item will fit about 50,000 words. That is a lot of text.

See here for details:

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All kinds of information about Interactive stories, including that information, is contained in Interactive Story from Writing.Com 101 .

Correction to the previous comment: With a free membership, a Static item is limited to 50,000 bytes, which can hold up to ~7,000 words, depending on how much writingml is used.
After writing the first two chapter of my first fanfiction. “Naruto new awakening” I’m glad the people are nice and not mean. The feedback was nice I like to say that I will start working on chapter 3 very soon.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/vincat45678