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*Confettir* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 10TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, ACHILLES ASHEELZ! *Cake* *Confettip* *Confettiv*
I don't trust joggers.
They're the ones who always find the dead bodies.
I'm no detective, exactly, I'm just putting it out there.
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 Cease To Be  [E]
An inanimate's fickle observations of Cease and her plight.
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 PM Chapter 3 - (rough version)  [13+]
Log and Z arrive at the safe-house and are brought up to speed on matters.
It's been a time since I've actually interacted with the site WdC. Most of my efforts have been geared toward my awesome fountain pen and parchment. Now the task of digital translation...
Well, my friends, life has been very, er - cruel to me of late. I've lost 4 of my friends and my lover in short order due to death. I've been writing, as an escape, but it's all been very - morose. I'm trying to keep my focus, but it's rather difficult between work (which is crazy in its own right), and the fact that I have a hard time being around people.

My large project is on hold until I get my thoughts in order. Sorry for the delay...
Chapter two of PM uploaded. Work In Progress, of course, but I'm tossing the chapters out there for feel.

Good day!
After nearly completing I've decided to change a few things in the book. (This is common, I'm told). The story definitely has a strong base, but I've found a need to focus more on detail and environment. Thus, I'm touching up with some writing exercises before I address the issue and a few plot-leaks. ;)
Just got back from Washington of the D.C. My head is killing me. Pentacrats and their rhetoric. *sigh* So now I'm back on WDC! (So many delays recently, jeesh. I'm behind! >8() )
Back from an unexpected jaunt to the coast with a good friend - two days well worth it! *Delight*
Submitted "Rán" for review! I'm not expecting much out of it as it's my normal element-testing style with prose - especially since I intend it for a contest - yet the prompt reminded me of a scene in Nordic mythology and I couldn't resist using that to imply the Legendary Saga could have brought them together.
So I send a review. First I copy and paste from a text editor. Realize I missed the closing arguments and made a few mistakes so I fix them. Submit - and it ignores my alterations? Ugh - so a bunch of wasted time on formatting for nothing.

Sort of annoyed, at the moment.