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This is QueenOwl of Martell wishing you a Happy WDC Anniversary.
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Hi Wally,

If you have time, would you read my 'short story' called "My Days With the Aztecs". It really is an essay-story. Lately I am obsessed with the history of Mexico, especially the myth of Quetzcoatl.

If you might be interested in a joint project. Let me know. Two heads are better than one!


I have been putting off the job of writing a book. I now believe that perhaps I need someone who can boot me when I need to get back to work. LOL

A quick look inside my dearranged mind: It involves puncturing a hole in the fabric of space time. The object of this is usual, the production of a weapon! Mining, so to speak, anti-matter from the other side. Imagine

anti-matter torpedos. Nothing, could stop them. Matter would join the anti-matter explode, and leave a hole!

Hello Wally.

Wonder what you would think of my first 5 chapters.



Thanks everyone for the promotion. Quite unexpected.
Congratulations on your promotion! *Balloony*
Congratulations on your promotion to Preferred Author, Wally! *Delight* Hope you are having a great day!
Congratulations on your promotion! *Cool*
*Sun* Congrats on your new promotion and good luck!
Happy Account Birthday! *Balloonv*
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/wally1950