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Heyo, found your Interactive Story and I was blown away by the consistent high quality!
Thanks very much. Glad that you are enjoying it.
Just my seemingly biennial scribble to tell you you how much I appreciate your work ^,^
I'm reading & enjoying everything, even the stuff I'm not really into. But I'm especially excited when you hit my niche.

Keep up the good work! (Is it just me or does that sound more like an order than actual encouragement?)
Thanks very much. Glad you are still enjoying it.
Glad to have you back!
Hey Wassel! I hope you are well, you haven't wrote anything in a couple of months, and I miss your excellent chapters.
I'm doing okay thanks.
Love your writing here. Consistently high quality. Looking forward to reading more from you!
Hi Wessel!! Is it possible to continue the path where Allison switch with Tim's mom? Thanks!
Sure it is. Any path that isn't marked as [RESERVED] is free to be added to. You don't have to ask in advance.
Just wanted to say I really love your Transplant story and all your writings within it. Hopefully we can see some new chapters from you soon, have sorely missed your writings. Thanks for all your work.
Thank you for your hard work. You are my favorite author in writing.com . One of them is a story about tim's mom in amber's body. I wish you all the best
Hey Wassel,

I just wanted to say that your writing is great and your work is appreciated. You're easily my favorite writer on here. I hope you you continue to grind out more content. Much love brother.
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Thanks for the kind words. I also appreciate the compliment.
I’m glad to see that you found your groove back. A writing block can be hard, but it seems you came even stronger out of it. I’m looking forward on how this crazy story develops.

Cheers for the kinds words.

Wasn't too bad though. If I don't feel like writing, I just do something else for a while. Simple as that!
Hey Wassel I just wanted to say you are one of my favorite authors on here and was wondering if you are just taking a break or stopping all together.
Thanks for the kind words. And no, I haven't stopped altogether. When I have something to write I'll write it. That's generally how my creativity works. I can't force chapter adds.
Hi Wassel,the story in engaging at almost every branch.Could you continue the Tim-Becky Nichols clone story.I enjoyed that story more and has a great potential.
Glad you enjoy my story. And I'm sure I'll continue that particular storyline at some point down the line, when the mood takes me. As I don't write to order.
I had to drop by and say that you are by far my favorite writer. I hope your doing well and will continue to add new chapters. It so difficult to wait for whatever new chapters you come out with because they are all so good! I hope you will continue on the story line with Chris as his cousin Gabriela (I’m dying to know what the bombshell is). I also loved Tim’s father as Lexi.
Thanks a lot for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy my writing. And as for it being difficult to wait for new chapters, all I can say is, it's difficult for me to continually write new ones without losing steam and needing a chance to recharge.

Good things come to those who wait etc.
Just wanted to say im a huge fan of your work. In particular my favorite storyline is the one where tim becomes his mother. i really like the recent parts where he has become more open with his relationship and has taken on his mothers role. Also wondering if you plan on continuing the storyline where tims little brother was blackmailing him into lactating in front of him as their mom anytime soon since i thought that was really interesting and would love to see more.
In terms of the other storylines Im also pretty found of the one where his mom became a mix of both herself and crystal minx features and became super busty and younger. And the one where the mom becomes the girl tim has a crush on and they start a secret relationship.
Anyways just wanted to let you know i love your chapters and to say keep up the good work.
Glad you enjoy my story and thank you very much for the kind words. Also, thanks a lot for your own recent chapter adds.

As for your question, I currently have no plans at the moment to add to that particular thread. But I usually end up getting back to storylines I've forgotten about eventually.
Though at the moment I'm having internet issues so haven't been quite so productive story wise.

Cheers for the interest though and keep up the good work.
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