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Happy Birthday *PartyHatP*
I have returned after a somewhat lengthy absence for pretty much everything! Making the most of the lockdown will soon commence after once again finding the all elusive laptop charger! *Laugh*
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Welcome back!!! *Hug*
Happy fourth anniversary!
see above.

Happy 4th Anniversary!
Here's to many more!
Kindest Regards, Lilli

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Thank you so much! It’s been a wonderful four years!
Any suggestions for the first Herbalism blog post???
Like the idea of common and garden first rather than alphabetical. Alphabetical reads like an encyclopaedia, but by order of use reads like a guidebook.
Herbs that grow in the wild that we sometimes consider weeds, such as some of those listed here: http://ecosalon.com/edible-medicinal-backyard-weeds-plants/

Although, it is important to note that many edible and medicinal weeds have a look-alike that is poisonous. For example, the entire stinging nettle plant has many edible uses. Plus it works well as a dye. Yet, it has a twin, which is called bull nettle. The root of bull nettle is edible, but other parts of the plant are poisonous.
FYI stinging nettle seeds are quite tasty. They have a nutlike flavor. To catch them before the plant pops the seeds everywhere, put fishnet hose over them to catch the seeds.
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Very emotionally dark piece finished just now. it seems to be more of a rant at present.
I have always had a very strong interest in Botany and am wondering what peoples opinions are of me possibly adding a herbalism section to The Modern Day Witch blog???
I've always had an interest in medicinal herbs. *Smile* I would definitely check it out!
I would think it would fit right in with what you have up already. This could be a great time for practical herbalism, I think. Particularly so, for me, because it is the beginning of planting season! See?
Thank you so much to the generous individual that gifed me a membership anonymously!
After a sadly considerable amount of time away from the site due to home battles, I have valiantly returned to review the WDC community!
Finally! the first update in a while!

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I’ve once again recovered the laptop after Bradley helped me clean. I shall be continuing to update the blog once it has updated! The main sabbat has passed now but I will still be including this sabbat in the blog updates. Along with Samhain
Good to have you back!

Have you ever considered that living in a messy home might work out better for you?! *Wink*

Im starting to think that way. He helps me clean and I don't see the computer for a good week. It always appears in a very obscure place.
Hi Guys, im back. Sorry ive been gone so long. ive been dealing with some pretty stressful stuff at home. It's getting better now. However sadly I will not be able to continue with the blog as my membership has expired. Hopefully someday soon ill be able to afford a new premium. but until then, ill be back to reviewing in the evenings.
Welcome back!


thank you! ive missed being on here. Pretty gutted about the blog but it is what it is. Things are getting better now. So im hoping to have more time on my hands.
Welcome back home.
Happy Lammas everyone!

Was this what you were referring to?
Yes it was haha!
Hi guys, i'm still here. i've been dealing with some trauma caused by an ex partner, things haven't been so great. I've had a lot of anxiety, and not a lot of time due to my partners daughter coming to stay. I apologise for my absence wholeheartedly.
Sounds chaotic. I hope it all calms down soon.
Welcome back. I hope everything works out.
Sounds like it's just the right time for the proper spell. *Laugh*
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For all those who were especially interested in the meditation uses of the various crystals. I had many messages on the use of crystals in meditation. These stones are especially useful and can be an excellent addition to anyone's crystal collection. This month I received a beautiful Carnelian thumb stone in a beautiful orange/red hue.
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It is not the same, but I had a large curved piece of flint, which was sharpened on one side. It was once used by indigenous people to scrape hides. It had a thumb indention from what I assume was a man who used it, due to the thumb size. I also had a mortar, which is a small bowl to smash herbs and spices, which was also used by indigenous people. Both were found on my father's property along with several arrow heads.
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