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I am currently involved in the Wonderland Project in WdC and my latest assignment is to visit newbies and leave them a message. To begin with, I am contacting newbies on my friends list and announcing,"tarts given to you from the Knave of Hearts". Welcome to Writing dot Com! *Smile*
Sorry to be such a pest but it's these Wonderland tasks again. This time I'm supposed to visit 20 WdC Notebooks and comment on them. I'm going through my friends list, looking for victims, and that's why you cropped up again. And that fulfills the first part of task.

Also, I have to say at some point, "one step closer to White/Red Queen/King." And now I have! Thanks for being so helpful in all this, even though it was inadvertent.
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When you lose all hope, someone will surprise you every time.
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Good job! I'm pretty sure I wasn't a newbie anymore before I ever started adding photos. Well done!
Hi, I just read your article about the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. You state: "truth it was over Lincoln's insistence that the secession of the Southern states was not legal and no state had that right. The "Once in, always in" concept was touted all throughout the war by Lincoln to justify the killing of fellow citizens."

I have a question: What about the Force Bill of 1833? It sets legal precedent for the POTUS to act against states if they act unlawfully against the federal government and its entities.

From a practical standpoint, if a state succeeded from the USA, I believe the result would be painful the state as well as the federal government. In a bloodless coup, for instance, consider just 1 state: Texas.

It would be required to turn over all material and financial resources it receives from the federal government. It would have to use state, rather than federal funding to build a border wall if it chose to build a wall. Likewise, Texas would deal with border and immigration issues on its own, without the benefit of the resources of the federal government.

The CDC assisted with the first case of Ebola (found in TX) in 2014. Now Texas is dealing with the zombie deer outbreaks of 2019, which may end up having human fatalities. The CDC and USDA and other agencies would focus on US health and food safety issues first to the possible detriment of an independent nation-state.

FEMA would most likely be concentrating on disasters for the USA rather than what would be a foreign entity at that time. Texas did not handle the aftermath of Harvey without Federal assistance; or Alicia for that matter.

Thousands of Texans depend on Medicare. Would Texas' Medicaid system be able to absorb them all?

Texas currently has the 8th highest diabetes rate in the country, and 4.3 million people in Texas don’t have health coverage. Thousands of Texans trying to get assistance with medical bills are discovering that backlogs clog the system, preventing them from getting the assistance they need. Imagine if Texas had to absorb all of the Medicare patients within its borders.

Texas has 2 Senators and 36 Congressional Representatives. I believe none of them are publicly bringing up these arguments about Amendments 13-15 because they believe in the legitimacy of the US government as a whole and because they recognize the symbiotic relationship between the state and federal governments.

Can you imagine the tariffs on Texas, (5th largest producer of eggs in the country) if they were in a trade war with their (theoretically) former country? That’s just one agricultural product.

I thank you for your time. I don't usually respond to these types of articles, but I truly wonder when people hint around at secession 2.0, if they've actually thought it through. I am African-American, a descendant of the enslaved persons that the war between the states wasn't fought over.

You frighten me when you start saying things like the 13th Amendment is not necessarily valid. I seriously think about things like: "Texas was beautiful when I lived there, but I'm glad I don't anymore."

"I am a middle-aged woman whose older relatives never thought a black man would become President of the US, but that happened. Does that mean white nationalists will really try to enslave me others of my race again?"

I don't know who you are. I am reasonably sure you don't know me. Do you understand what being enslaved means? I don't, fully, even though I had relatives who were. When I was in Texas, I lived quietly. Went to work, paid my taxes, supported the Rockets and the Comets, and celebrated the Texans joining the NFL, even tried to help pick out the name of the team (that was a flop, but surely not worthy of being enslaved??!!).

Obviously, I'm joking there, I cannot think of a justifiable reason to enslave anyone. But my point is: I am human, as are others like me. This is why we keep saying Black Lives Matter. Because we are human, just like you, but somehow you can just casually suggest invalidating amendments that gave people like me freedom from being illegally trafficked and brutalized. Again, thanks for your time and your attention to my response. Be well.
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