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Today, I ran across a freebie little video of an interview with Larry Brooks. This video caused me to think about another approach to my writing. It helped me enough, I thought it useful to share.
WDC has helped me, I thought perhaps sharing this might help others. Besides, this youtube clip is free, what could it hurt. Copy/paste the clip.
I wanted to post a short note of thanks to all who inhabit this site. I have found a great many helpful, astute, learned people here. I have yet to experience one bad moment on this site.
I have just had a bad experience on another site, so I wanted to express my gratitude here for all the forebearance you folks have shown a newbie.
Thank you all so much.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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This item number is not valid.
I have just finished the first draft of the novel "The Telling". Two hundred pages of hard work. Some of the comments from WDC have helped thank you. Meeting tomorrow, send good thoughts please.
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