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them darn words


I'm sueing the oxford dictionary for this!
I have created a new, controversial item in my portfolio...

it certainly isn't my most well written

but it holds a message of importance

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I may be gone for a little bit longer...

I am making atmospheric sounds for the fun of it. I feel as if this gives me more freedom, creativity, and knowledge than simply writing :P...

I am working on multiple projects, the first I gave up on. The second is my main project...


right now it is currently in Beta and may come out as a full finished project in about a month :)

bye (for now...)...

how'd I get this clock?
What clock?
it's gone!?
Yesterday was meh...

it felt like multiple days for multiple classified reasons, to put it short, I didn't really do anything or any work...

it was a hard day...

which means I am not going to do 18 reviews and not going to finish half my album this week, and have yet changed my writing way. So I will have to do the best I can today...

sorry *Temp*

insecurity note: man 2 hiatuses with no one even reading my debut, must be torture!
A new forum and group!

this time the forum/group is about helping writers keep determination

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regarding "the cough"

the description of the "but their dark eyes and skin, they are too strong" part is not meant to be racist...

I am a complete supporter for all kinds of equal rights (including many controversial ones I won't mention...) and this is one of the most mentioned one.

I meant it as a way to describe power and fear, as the color black has been used in many things within the realm of fear. Such as the Paranormal, Death, and Shadows...

just liked to get that out. Since that part was "off-putting" for Hooves, who is one of the nicest people here.


RAOK just gave me 2 months of upgraded!

and for some reason I got a refund of "64 days of basic"

regarding my name change from WhatIsConfusion to WhatIsSafety, along with my change from me being on DMT to a flying angel of all mighty death ready to incinerate you all, I will try to explain...

all of this is connected to my next album, (Aaron you are not giving spoilers...) in which my last name was related to confusion, so my album right now is related to confusion, (something pretty obvious...) my next album of writing will be connected to something else...

so get on the tin foil hats and try to figure out whether this is a evil angel or a misunderstood mouse...

it won't be worth it *Wink*
a new discussion forum!

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where you just post about anything that you have done that was in a slightest sense innovative or creative!

hey I need help, I got basic from an anonymous stranger, but I can't figure out how to move multiple items into a folder...

I read that there is a manager to do so, but I can't find it :(
okay, but what does "expanded" exactly mean XD
additional directions here "Re: Organizing my files and folders"  .
thank you :)
hey sorry I was gone for a while (and sorry I skipped my numerology 101 turn...)

For all thee out there, never try to be someone you aren't :), if you like to make people laugh, (with unexpected things ((like me... (((don't judge me!)))))) keep doing it. If you like to hug walls, do it! Blah Blah...

anyways counting the above, I've seen a few notes about something being good or is it right to do x, my answer to all these, as long as it is unique, I will likely love it.

not sure about anyone else here, but I've always been one for innovation and creativity, if it feels like something done a lot, it won't feel like something special...

So always be yourself....
random prompt (I'm bored :P)

What do you think it would be like being a class clown during a sensitive time with a hive mind like class...?
where'd everyone go XD

most of the people here are guests, outnumbering us by 3 fold.
It depends on time of day, but almost always there are more guests than members.
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