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I wish you an happy account anniversary!
Good morning from across the pond WJY, Just popped into your port to say hope your day is special.
six years on WDC. *Whistle* *Music2* *Heart*
Alexi Mason *Smile* *Heart*
Oh my, the Asylum is filling fast! I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
Another month, another swim. This time to raise funds for disadvantaged and disabled children, to have the opportunity to swim and have lessons

4km in 24 hours. Not the biggest total, but I'm happy with it
It's that time of the year again. If anyone would like to sponsor me, please click the link below:

drboris and I have made it as far as the airport. Nearly time for a sleep, then we fly in 16 hours and 17 minutes
It's that time of the year again to help out a great cause:

because I can....HI!
Check out my new contest "Invalid Item
Only 5 places left *Smile* Would have been only 4 if someone had not abandoned me *Sad* Come and join the merry band

12 sleeps to go. Kinda nervous but excited: http://events.megaswim.com/?SamanthaHood
I think I just taught drboris a valuable lesson. When I say no, to going into a bookshop because they are having a sale where every book is $2 or cheaper, he should listen!
Yeah, those sales could be dangerous.
I have shut down The Little Bite Contest for the time being. Between NaNo, holiday preparations and a general lack of interest, I need a break.