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Hey everyone!

The interactive is now live over at https://chyoa.com/story/Adventures-of-Texas.35531 I will not be deleting the story from here, as I have said, though if I do ever make any new additions to the story (such as the new storyline I've added during the transfer), they will be made over there, rather than here. I just can't abide writing.com's practices any longer.

Take care!

Hi everyone,

Just as a heads up, I'm soon to begin the process of copying the entire Adventures of Texas Interactive over onto CHYOA.com, giving full credit to the authors of each chapter, but also using it as an opportunity to trim some chapters which were never really in the intended spirit of the story, and alter some of my older stuff, which was written before I had a good grasp of the setting of Gold Springs.

Currently, my plan is to start cataloguing and sorting through the chapters next week, both because I am somewhat busy, and because I wanted to give any authors who wanted their names removed from the story, or certain contributions kept anonymous, time to inform me of such.

So, in short, starting next week I will begin the process of transferring the interactive over, with full credit to each chapter author. If you are an author of one or more chapters and wish for your contribution to be kept anonymous, please send me an email by Monday next week so that I can make the necessary changes. If you'd like a chapter of yours to be edited or outright deleted, that is also possible, so please send an email informing me of the adjustments or chapters you want removed.

Are you going to de3let it hear when your done?
The story will not be deleted here.
After the chyoa version is set up will new chapters that are add3d to that one be added to this one, and vice versa?
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/wolfbro225