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         Good Morning from Maine! I'm Reese and Im coming to you with a question. In the past i've only finished about three "stories". One was a project in school, and the other two were just one shots, one of which is on here.
         Does anyone have tips on how to finish stories?
         I often get to the halfway point before getting writer's block, then at that point I can't seem to actually finish that story. I love writing though, and I often roleplay with friends. Which sometimes helps getting over the block, but most of the time doesn't.
         So yeah! If any of you have tips I'd be more than willing to hear them and try them!
Howdy Rei .

Have a beer or two, that may relieve writer's block..

A cheaper, quicker fix, walk away from the computer.. totally forget what you're writing, and go do something else for a short bit... go back to the word processor.. and write... most of all get rid of the anxiety caused by writer's block... Don't call it writer's block, call it "I'm stuck in the middle of a story, and can't seem to finish it." ...

Good luck!

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/wolvesbane01