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Does the thought of vampires make the skin on your neck prickle in goosebumps? Do you love reading vampire stories? Do you think you can spot an original or unique vampire story? Are you familiar with vampires?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, please step forward! I am looking to line up some judges for a contest that will be held in August. Yes...I know that is months away, but it will be here before you know it and I'd like to plan as much in advance as possible.

Judges will be compensated for their time and participation with gift points and merit badges. I'll have high expectations from my judges and you will be asked not only to judge entries, but you will also be asked to provide a review for each entry and to give the author some specifics as to why you give them the score you give them. You will also be asked to follow a basic format to submit your judging scores.

If anyone is interested, please contact me by email for more details. Thank you!
What do you do when it rains out your Memorial Day plans? At Auntie Tina's you have a bbq anyway! A little rain never hurt nothing, especially in the summer. I THINK I was paid a compliment. As my adult nephew was herding his kids into their vehicle, I overheard him say, "Yeah, you know you've been to a party at Aunt Tina's when you have to strip down to your underwear and hose off before getting into your car!"

I couldn't disappoint those kids. It was 78 degrees, humid and perfect for going barefoot and playing in the rain. Which when given all those water balloons, things got muddy quickly. Then, somehow the adults got drawn into the MUD WAR, and literally, the mud flew. I have never in all my days seen adults and kids get down and get so dirty! It was a riot! Mud War turned into Mud Ball...not football, but kickball, in the mud. Even my dogs were head to toe in mud. It turned out to be one of the Best Memorial Days ever. (yea, in case your wondering, Auntie Tina threw a few mud balls herself and got just as muddy as the rest)

Miranda Keening Ok, your in, bring cookies lol *Cookie*
Yes, always always cookies
We had an epic water fight during a perfect rain one year. And it produced great pics.

It's time! Open enrollment for Vacation Bible School is now OPEN! The first five people to sign up TODAY ONLY will receive a 1,000 GPS sign up bonus! ALL ages WELCOME!*Shock2*

Vacation Bible School will run from MONDAY JUNE 1st thru SUNDAY JUNE 7th. Please check it out, its something you won't want to miss out on!

WDC VBS Enrollment   (E)
Please take a few minutes to enroll here!
#2222741 by Tina Stone

Miranda Keening YES they can! When I said "adult" I meant teens too! I'll change it, cos that's a good point. PLEASE, feel free to sign up!
Tina Stone Woo! Okay, signed up *Smile*
I wish to sign up. Just tell me procedure of sign up.
I knew he was up to something.
I woke today with a fresh cup of hot coffee delivered to me while I was still in bed.
My husband had peanut butter toast with raisins sprinkled on it for me.
I noticed he had the audacity to cut one of my precious Gardena flowers off my bush and put it in a vase on my table.
The man was clearly up to something.
As I sank my teeth into my first bite of toast, he says, "Baby, don't be mad,"
This definitely can't be a good thing. I realized, it wasn't loved that motivated his actions this morning.
It was fear. And he had a good reason to be fearful.
"Honey, I love you, but I broke your only Sun Tea Jug, I promise I'll get you another one and I won't ever touch it," He said all in one breath.
I have been married to the man for nearly nine years. In this time he has destroyed three of my crock pots, one enamel coated cast iron dutch oven, one antique jade serving platter, countless coffee cups, and one roasting pan.
I chewed my toast calmly. I got up, dug around in my closet, and handed him an unopened Amazon box. I told him to open it. He did. He pulled out a brand new Sun Tea jug. After nine years, I figured it was only a matter of time.

🧡GeminiGem🧡 I'm not that scary, least I don't think so. He was probably worried I'd ban him from ever touching my glass tea jar, as I have with my crockpots. He would think I was sick or didn't love him if I didn't fuss at him over his kitchen mishaps. After this many years, we know each other too well!
Yea...I aint like to just get away with stuff my dang self...Defeats the onery...
LOL Exactly Bride@#dangreviews ! He expects me to get onery when he fumbles something in the kitchen. At first I DID fuss, but now, its more cos he expects it lol Besides, I liked getting coffee in bed and flowers for breakfast. A little fear in your man is a good thing!
I could really get into this. There is a kind of rush sending out gift points anonymously! It is FUN!!
Yes,it is funny.
Psst, (everyone lean closer...) Now, I am not the gossipy type, (hand on chest), lawd knows dat just ain't no way a Southern gal should be.

But..., Now, remember it ain't gossip. This is just, um, letting good folks know the up and coming things. That's it...

Did you know there is a Writing Competition coming that is going to give not only a *Dollar* MILLION gift point *Dollar* prize BUT they are also going to give the winner a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for WDC!!???

I tell ya, I ain't never heard the likes! *Shock2* We all know what that means...................

Good thing there's going to be a grammar class a month before the competition starts!
...Grammar? Yall know how many writing teachers I had to "convince" my tongue was a charm?!
Everybody should be careful about spelling and grammatical errors as much as possible.

Special Thank you for all the anonymous gift points I've been getting today. ALL these points are going to be donated to a very special cause.

I often get this. A warm good wishes to them.
You’ve only been on here a few months and you’ve already done so much. I’m glad you joined the community, Tina!
- Miranda 🍪
I am thankful I joined to because I got to meet you and read your writing!
The air is thick with the scent of burnt rubber. The roaring sound of amped-up horsepower sends bolts of adrenaline through your systems, and all around you, the air vibrates with a near living pulse!!

In a shocking turn of events, SNAKE PIT has slithered his way onto the Second Race Track and now every car is gobbling the miles at the Kentucky RaceWay! If this were a live race I can almost bet every spectator would be on their feet roaring!

You can virtually see the flames *Fire* *Fire**Fire* licking the pavement at WDC Motor Speedway!! Come check it out folks, place your bets as this hot race to the finish blazes to new, unexpected challenges! (Was that a UFO??????)