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*Monster2* ONLY 5 days until the huge Halloween Carnival here on WDC!! *Monster7*

*Pumpkin2* Pumpkin writing challenge where your asked to bring to life a pumpkin! (fast 500 word challenge)

*FlagO* Bean Bag "toss" game - pick a basket and roll the dice for a nifty prize!

*Puzzle2* A puzzle for everyone! A crossword and word search just for you and yes, there ARE prizes for this too!

*Ghost* Newsfeed Trick or Treating Rampt UP with over 60,000 in prizes and gift points to give away!

*Witch* Haunted Hotel Raffle with FREE tickets! And, much more...

*Fire**Fire* Oh, and a campfire storytelling activity worth, you guessed it...more prizes!

*Pumpkin* Wowsers, Tina! This looks like a blast! *Ghost* Hopefully, I can mosey on over! *Witchlegs2*
Looks like fun.
Woo! I can’t wait
This next spring...when your yard is overrun with those annoying weeds called dandelions...don't worry! Do THIS with them instead of zapping them with pesticides...


Yep...bring on the dandelions!

I've fallen in love with this sweet lady. She has such a vibrant spirit about her and I love how she talks to her children...and wow can she cook! I LOVE her outside stove and have told my husband I WANT ONE!
Do you have a real-life hero or someone who has greatly influenced or impacted your life? Tell us the story! Here is where you can shine the spotlight on that person and let them shine.

In Honor Of  (E)
a challenge for remembering those mentors and heroes in our lives who mean so much to us.
#2234079 by Talky Tina

Deadline is Nov. 15th.

Looking for someone willing to help me with an experiment. I want someone willing to do a bit of role-playing...looking for someone who can play the part of a middle-aged police detective interviewing a 7-year-old girl demanding a police officer arrest and shoot the meanies. Anyone up for this? Email me, please! Might be a merit badge in it for your time and help!*Badge*
This trinket is sponsored by the Ninja Monkey group and I've been selected to post it for you. Those stinkers are clearly up to something!

- has a limited time offer and ONLY 99 left!

got one; thank you.
Thank you!
Cute. I got my trinkets. I love pumpkins and black cats.All cats.
Ninja Monkeys *Monkey* : they DO exist!
Well, the Ninja Monkey is back, thats cool 😎.
This, I can confirm. I seen them! *Shock*
*Pumpkin2* Coming October 31st *Pumpkin2*

WDC Halloween Carnival Open ONE DAY ONLY!

Some of the games & activities will include

*Ghost* A Haunted Hotel Raffle (FREE ITEMS!)
*Monster3* Bean Bag Toss
*QuestionR* Halloween Word Search
*Pumpkin* Bring to Life a Jack-O-Lantern challenge
and much more!

On October 31st, the Newsfeed Trick or Treat Game will triple the rewards and triple the number of merit badges and ribbons are given away!

Anonymous has been VERY BUSY lately! Have you been given something by Anonymous?
*HeartP* Did you know there is a special place you can tell him/her Thank you!? *HeartP*

Next time Anonymous drops in on you unexpectedly, be sure to check out
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Thank Anonymous for gifts you've received with no name attached...
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Ninja Monkeys dance for joy at gift from Anonymous... You know WHO you are and WHAT you did...all of us Monkeys send our heartfelt thanks!
image for carnival

Be on the lookout for the following emojis in my newsfeed posts and responses, they are worth goodies if you spot them and report them!

THIS WEEKEND, the emojis to look for are:

*Witch* 1,000 gift points

*Candycorn* 500 gift points

*Bats* Community Halloween or spooky themed merit badge

*Skull* A review of any item in your port!

*BalloonO* yellow, black or orange 10K awardicon ribbon for your portfolio