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I've added a new entry to my book, "Shadows Potpourri:
         "Dust Bunnies
Dust Bunnies Banished
Beware all you zombies out there in WDC land...I've got a shotgun and not afraid to use it *Smirk2*

...Just sayin....*Angelic*
title says it all

*BalloonS**BalloonR**BalloonY**BalloonS**BalloonR**BalloonY**BalloonS**BalloonR**BalloonY* WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT *BalloonS**BalloonR**BalloonY**BalloonS**BalloonR**BalloonY*

We had two entries in the Birthday Edition of Trinket Throw Down. Each participant has won 100,000 gift points! *Party*

*Gavel* Each of our four judges received a Judge's Merit Badge.

Holiday cheer to bedazzle my posts!

Trinket Lovers, start saving your gift points, Trinket Throw Down will return in DECEMBER for the HOLIDAY CELEBRATION Edition! Show your holiday spirit by creating a festive, dynamic holiday inspired trinket. What will the grand prize be??? Keep your eyes on the new feed to find out!

Only 2 entries? Now I feel bad. Surely I could have find time and energy to make 1 little trinket. *Frown*

Anyway, congratulations to the winners!
Schnujo's Veiled Evil

Since it's a contest, why not include it in The Contest Challenge?

Also, Shadow Prowler , remember that trinkets, badges, and awards are usually half price during the Cyber sale right after Thanksgiving. You might consider having the contest coincide with the sale. It might yield more participation.
Good point! But I'd have to run it in November or June since it's what I would consider a short contest. *Wink*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Sensational Salads & sizzling Stir Fry :
         "Chicken WonTon Soup
Comforting, feel good food today :)
Good for Unstabled Writer's Challenge, Octoprep, and NaNo. *Smile*
I am passing along your recipes to the chef in the house. TBH I have not learned to cook. There is an agreement not to enter the cook while these magnificent recipes come alive!

I have returned home. Feels good to be back. Enjoyed my US visit which I will blog about this week

goals this week

edit September/October writings tbc
submit to five six places tbc
enter PSH contest tbc
daily writing com writer' cramp, express it eight, 40 words done
daily fan story done
start October journals tbc
blog california journal tbc
blog updates tbc
blog dental poems tbc
pic for a contest/activity
Only ONE spot remines open for a PAID delivery agent position
at the Magical Gift Shop.

If you like giving merit badges or surprising folks, this job is for you!
I pay you 2,000 gift points per badge you deliver, and up to 5,000 for Magical Reviews,

Email me or comment below if you are interested.

Is that a...prairie dog? I'd love to work for a prairie dog! *Delight*
My Basic's running out, I don't have time to write or review Interactives, and I have barely enough to gift people stuff. Sign me up!
ad for unstabled writer's group
Yeah, we may be going a bit batty,
but join us anyway!
Schnujo's Veiled Evil clickable images are still beyond my skills lol but I'm learning! I'd be happy to sign you up for the group if you'd like.

Jack-O-Nette I'll get you added the group right now, we are thrilled to have you join us!
Yes, please add me. I think I still have 45 seconds left every other Thursday, so I need to get that filled before I start getting too lazy. *Rolling*
I'm in!
Image for recipe blog
Fiesta Fajita chicken
Look good? Are ya hungry?
Well ....come on, what are ya waiting for? Join me for dinner!
Sensational Salads & sizzling Stir Fry   (E)
A tasty collection of delicious, quick meals
#2304709 by Shadow Prowler

This recipe looks amazing. I plan on trying it out this week and also playing with the different beans, too!
Thank you for your comment AmyJo-Spooky season is Here!! I've added you into the drawing pot and you could win a merit badge. Have fun with the salad and be sure to let me know what you try! *ForkSpoon*
image for Magic Shop
*Web1*The Magical Gift Shop*Web2*

Has undergone a complete transformation! ALL NEW packages & New Items now available!

Many of the packages benefit WDC groups and charities, and we THANK YOU in advance for your support.
Magical Gift Shop   (E)
Our gift shop has a little something for everyone. Come find the perfect gift 💙
#2297817 by Shadow Prowler

image for book project NOW HIRING: We are now hiring 3 Delivery Agents who will deliver merit badges and other items as needed. Must be dependable and be able to send on a regular, monthly basis. You will be paid 2,000 gift points per badge you send, plus an extra bonus for every review or c-note you send. If interested in one of the open positions, please contact me via email at wordgeek@writing.com or just click the envelope by my name in the upper right-hand corner.

I've added a new entry to my book, "Sensational Salads & sizzling Stir Fry :
         "🔥Boom Boom Bacon Shrimp
🔥🍤🥗🥓Bacon, shrimp and spice, oh my!
Yummy shrimp. *Utensils*
Trinket Throw Down! Birthday Edition🎂  (E)
Debuting a new contest inspired by trinket lovers - NOW CLOSED
#2300317 by Shadow Prowler


💜create a birthday inspired trinket for a chance at 200,000 gift points! Come check out the details.

🤔Yes, it costs 50,000 gift points to make a trinket. But, the pay off is worth it...second and third place winnings are generous as well in celebration of WDC s birthday.

Come on folks, let your creativity shine! 🦋
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*Fireworks4* C'mon, let's do this thing, y'all! *Fireworks4*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Sensational Salads & sizzling Stir Fry :
         "Spicy 🔥 Italian sausage Wraps
📺Dinner & a movie tonight. Come join me for dinner Tex-Mex style😋
I've added a new entry to my book, "Sensational Salads & sizzling Stir Fry :
         "Deluxe Chef salad
Who says salad has to be BORING?🤔🦋
I've added a new entry to my book, "Sensational Salads & sizzling Stir Fry :
         "Bacon Ranch Chicken
😈Are ya hungry yet?😋
You know it! *Smile*
I love love love bacon. I love ranch and I love chicken! Are you going to send it soon? I’m waiting for the delivery.
Image for my recipes collection

Come see what I've been cooking! 👀😋Try a yummy and tell me about it...you just might win a super fun goodie😁🎁
Sensational Salads & sizzling Stir Fry   (E)
A tasty collection of delicious, quick meals
#2304709 by Shadow Prowler

Well, my husband did it again. He brought home another stray animal 🙄.

This time, there was blood shed. Lots of blood and cursing. Have you ever introduced a feline to two canines who's never been around around a feline?

After a week of riots, rumbles, blood, tears, and tons of hissing and spitting....they are finally learned to accept each other and PEACE is returning to my home.

Please meet the newest addition to my family. Husband named her Pumpkin but I call her Goblin cos she's got hellion in her! Tho I admit, she looks like an angel 😇 in these pictures.

Newest member of the family
Newest member of the family
What an a-mews-ing little tail tale!
She's a cutie! At least you know she can hold her own.
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