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Do you know someone in our community that is or has been in the military? (yes, you can add your own name!)
Please put the names of the service people below and I will send them the "Honor" merit badge and c-note of thanks.

*SuitHeart* *SuitHeart* *SuitHeart* *SuitHeart* *SuitHeart* *SuitHeart*

Sisco ~ Back!! That's who I couldn't think of earlier! I'm pretty sure he's a vet and so is Fyn. I said I was thinking of a female because I only recently learned he was a he and I forgot that I just learned that. *Blush* *Laugh*

For more names, check out "VETERANS GROUP. But I'd check to see who is still active before sending a MB, just to save GPs. *Wink*
I have to say, Mrs. Sharmelle is making my mouth water and tummy rumble...so many tempting, tasty posts today!
Well I three more recipes from my friend's section to add then I have three new recipes from my Robert that are really good too that I'll be adding too lol. And there may be some that I forgot about and have to put in when I remember them though. What I am doing is making folders instead of books to put my recipes in because I did not realize how many books I had lol. I just also have to grab the comments I have from my books and put them in with the recipes somehow before I delete the books I have for these right now that I am getting rid of.
I'me just reading the titles for now, to avoid the torture, lol.
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Heart Two Hit 50 Tickets!!

The dice rolled and 29 came up.

This means, Lovina 🐕‍🦺 is our Winner!!

*Reading* *BookOpen* *PenR**Reading* *BookOpen* *PenR**Reading* *BookOpen* *Reading* *BookOpen* *PenR**Reading* *BookOpen* *PenR**PenR*

Who here likes to do Reviews?

*HeartG* This challenge is for you! *HeartG*

*GemT* From now until June 1st anyone who reads and reviews ANYTHING in my portfolio will receive 1,000 gift points.

*GemP* The most HELPFUL reviews will receive 5,000 gift points.

*GemO* The person who gives me the MOST reviews that are helpful will receive an exclusive merit badge.

*GemV* Everyone who participates will be entered in a special drawing at the end of the challenge and will win a Mystery gift!

This sounds very generous, Tina Stone , I'll be sure to do my part!
I've added a new entry to my book, "F.R.O.G Blog:
         "Not With It
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First Drawing for the Red Heart Package
Rolled a 43 which means
Princess Megan Rose is our Winner!

image for GHA

Golden Heart Package
Rolled a 22 which means
Sisco ~ Back! is our WINNER!

image for GHA

Pretty Pastel Package
Rolled a 43 which means
Choconut is our WINNER!

This has been a Golden Heart Alliance Announcement - stay tuned - more drawings ARE expected!
If you would like to know what our winners have won, please visit us at "Golden Heart Alliance Fundraiser

I rarely win anything - So this is a great surprise!

Thank you so much, Tina Stone *Heart*
How exciting! *Heartv*
image for GHA

Heart Two Package
Rolled #40 which means
Roari ∞ back to 🌎 is our final Winner for this evening!

Whew! Just about ALL our packages are now on ROUND TWO and ticket sales have already started all over. If you didn't win the first round, no worries! You can STILL WIN...because EVERY TIME a package hits 50 tickets, we get to have a NEW drawing :)

Again, this has been a Golden Heart Alliance Announcement

By the way, all the hearts are so pretty! Good visuals make it more fun, cudos to whoever made them *Heart*
image for GHA

First Drawing - Blue Swirl Package
Rolled an 11 which means
🌸 pwheeler ~ love joy peace is our Winner!!

This has been a Golden Heart Alliance Announcement

Wow! Thank you so much!
image for GHA

Second Drawing - Sterling Silver Package
Rolled a 13! which means
PandaPaws VetTech is our second winner this evening!

This has been a Golden Heart Alliance Announcement

Thank you!
*Ninja* *Monkey*s have invaded the Golden Heart Alliance Fundraiser and run amuck. They stole the virtual dice, hopscotched across the forum, juggled with the packages and you can guess how those cookies crumbled...all over the place!

Please, bare with me. *RollEyes* I've called the pie shop and they have spiked dozens of banana creme pies with tranquilizers. Once these rascals are down for the count, we will have SEVERAL raffle Rolls!

Stay Tuned!