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Do you have first-hand experience with prepping for November's NaNoWriMo challenge?

Do you have first-hand experience actually taking the NaNoWriMo challenge?

If you answered YES *CheckO* to one or both of those questions, we want to hear from YOU!

*LeafO* In the comments below, or email me tell me your BEST tips, tricks, hacks and advice for getting everything done and winning the challenge *LeafY*

Everyone who drops comments or emails will be eligable to be in a drawing for a merit badge. The MOST helpful, original tips, tricks, hacks etc will also win a mystery *GiftY*

I am a pantser, so prep to me is having a vague idea in my head and seeing what turns out. As it is, the story I wrote last year was recently optioned by a local publisher, so it must work for me.

But there are 7 bits of advice I would give NaNo-ers:

1) Tell people what you are doing, how important it is to you, and explain that November means you may be "off-line" (for want of a better term) at times. This means you can give the excuse to not attend something because "I need to get 2k more words done on my NaNo", and you could even find someone to hold you accountable.

2) Do not compare yourself to others. I am on my local Discord server for NaNo and, as my goal last year was 75k words in the month (at the same time as writing my final year dissertation for university), I was going way ahead. One of the women dropped out because she felt I was making her feel like a failure. DO NOT DO THAT! Write at your own pace, do your own thing. Comparisons are not healthy.

3) Despite what NaNo rules say, there are no "winners" and "losers" in NaNoWriMo. The fact you are writing something, putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), means you are ahead of 99.9% of the population who say they are going to write and never do.

4) If you need help - ask! My local Discord server is great for this, asking people for words or phrases in real time (WdC is not real time to me), asking about if story beats work, all sorts of things. Do not work in isolation; do not be afraid to ask for help in anything. Anything! Even mental health or encouragement.

5) Turn off social media. Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, et al. - they are not healthy. You might get some validation from people online, but there are also way too many ready to scythe you down and make you feel you are wasting your time. You are NOT wasting your time because you are writing, and social media will not help you with the positivity.

6) I found doing organised writing sprints (on Discord, again, they were in real time for me) really helped me keep on track and hit that daily word goal (last year mine was 2750 words a day minimum).

7) Relax! Do not stress!

I hope that helps.

If I come up with anything else, I'll add another post later.

Sorry for waffling.
I've done NaNoWrimo seven times before this year and completed the challenge every year I entered. How? Tell that self-doubt to shut up and leave you alone, because you've got 1,667 words to write every day (or more if you skip a day here and there). It's far from impossible. Just start writing and keep writing. Don't back up and fix things, keep moving forward. Get your story down so you can really write it later. This is first draft territory in the real sense of the term.
*BulletP*If you have an idea of what your story is about and who your characters are, just run with what you've got.
*BulletP*If the plot gets sticky or boring or "too complicated," make a page break and try one of these things:
         *BulletV* bring a character's relative into the story
         *BulletV* change the weather - have a storm and see how that changes the flow
         *BulletV* try writing the ending you want to achieve
         *BulletV* create a crazy bystander character to throw your readers off
         *BulletV* jump forward and start your story at another place
*BulletP*You can also write scenes that occur to you as you go along that seem fun between a few characters. Even if those scenes aren't planned and might not fit into the story when it comes to putting it all together, they'll still count towards your word total and they'll help you understand your characters better, too.
*BulletP*And yes, compete in word sprints! They are a great way to get lots of words written and help your brain get acclimated to moving forward without editing anything out, and they're fun! You'll come up with all kinds of things when you're racing to put words on the "page." You can find 'outside' word sprinting opportunities through NaNo's local groups that you can join. I'm really looking forward to sprinting with my WdC friends! *Bigsmile*

That's what I could spit out in a rush. I hope it makes some sense, or is at least a little bit helpful. The others who've already answered have probably got things covered well before I got here. Good luck!
If you average around 2000 per day you should come in well before the deadline.....

Tell your inner editor to take a hike for a month....

No mattter what, write.

Don't let any part of NaNoWriMo get you down..... have fun with it....

Don't be afraid of a crappy first draft. That's what first drafts are for....

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Love and prayers, hon!
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