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They have hair dye for living plants now. They dye cut flowers with food coloring in the water. That's bad enough, but now the living plants are forced to take up tainted water! Turquoise carnations, well, they're already dead, so I just don't buy them but I care about the bush they came from. I'd like to have carnations the next day, too, and always! The stuff I was sent an ad for (from a really good, reliable nursery, too) is Get it Green. I can't be the only one who thinks this is going to end very badly.
I'm wondering if you really can shake a person so hard his head snaps off. Opinions?
I vote no if the thing shaking the person is another person. Perhaps it depends on the build of the two people? Dunno. ( :
Me: I'm trying to follow through on goals I set myself, but I don't have a buddy to push and be pushed by. No, I will not go to Facebook or any other "Lookit Me, Lookit Me" site to search for one. I want a buddy who has a sense of discretion. Also, said buddy should love reading as well as writing (not everybody does) and we should like each other's work. There, I'm happy now, I've just placed a personal ad on this site. Nevermind.

Everybody is entitled to my opinion:
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I know what you mean. I have struggled to completing goals (especially in writing) for a while. It would be helpful to have someone on the side going, "Are you writing? What have you written now? Get back to writing!" Haha. Or at the very least, someone to throw random thoughts or ideas at me to spark something to keep writing when I'm stuck in my story.

What you write? I am a fiction (fantasy, sci fi) writer personally. I like to read/write to escape reality. I get enough of that in my daily life.
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