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I have a new story up and working on another.
Sara inherrits a large house on the outskirts of town, willed to her by her great aunt, Lily. It's a little strange for Sara to get the house because She has only met Lily once.

Sara decides to move out of her apartment and into the house. Once settled, she invites a few friends over for a party.

The friends all find the house a little creepy but say nothing, not wanting to hurt Sara's feelings. They also didn't want the rest to think they were crazy or a scared cat.

After the party, all the friends for home and Sara goes to bed.

A few hours later, the sheets billow as if an invisible source is moving them, getting in bed with Sara. Sara's nightgown flies up and Sara starts to stir and moan, as if being made love to.

As the session ends, Sara wakes up startled, confused about what happened. She looks around the room ├▒to see everything is normal, making her believe that it was all a dream. She goes to sleep.

The next morning,
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