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Hi William,
Happy birthday, my husband’s tomorrow. Not many birthday presents at this time of the year😩
Cheers Sue
Working on updating and expanding "The Fog" and I hope to have something to post soon!
I feel as if I can finally begin to breathe again. Between work, school, and general stupid adult responsibilities (ugg) I have been too busy to look up. I am taking the summer off from classes and am looking forward to a much easier schedule. I'll finally be able to get back to writing and reading daily. I can take some time to finish out any unfinished business with Rockin' Reviewers classes and I can work on some DIY woodworking projects I've delayed since last summer.

After receiving lots of education from the folks here on WDC, I'm looking forward to taking some time to start working on serious short stories with the hopes of leading to a novel. Thanks to all (especially the "The Rockin' Reviewers) for guidance and support!
Hi William, It’s been fun doing the classes with you. Take it easy, sounds as if you’ve got too much on your plate.
Cheers Sue
Awesome, William! *Heart*
Great job completing all of "The Poetic Pen Workshop/Contest Lessons, William. Good luck in the contest! *Bigsmile*
The last weekish+ I have been battling a sinus infection, half a brain (Thanks Robitussin), an ever-growing todo list, and fits of low energy as I recovered.

Today, I awoke 100%, fresh, and ready to go. I thought I'd share a snippet I sent my spouse since he was already at work:

"Today I woke ready to go.
No care for my hair, you have to know.
I attack the busiest day with glee.
As long as I have my coffee."
So glad you're feeling better, William. Cute poem! *Thumbsup*
What a week. Lots of writing, reading, and in this case 'rithmatic!
April will be a completely full month. I'm starting a new quarter at school, but I am also going to be working on the NaNoWriMo April challenge of 50,000 words towards a novel. It's a challenge for this new writer but I'm excited and have already begun working on extending "The Ad into a full story.
Congratulations on graduating the Rockin' Reviewer's Navigation Class. WAY TO GO!
I hope to see you in the Short Story Workshop and Contest.

Great start graduating the Rockin' Reviewer's Navigation Class! WDC is awesome and I am glad you are working with write!
Today I am listening to some classical music and reading about reading and writing reviews. I am determined to get this write. *Smile*
I just finished the Rockin' Reviewer's Newbie Navigation Class. Wow. So, I thought WDC was pretty awesome already. Now I'm blown away with all the tools and helpful insights not just from the site but from members. I'm excited to be here, continue writing, and lots of reading.
Congratulations William, I agree with all your observations WDC is pretty amazing. Wonderful, helpful members make it so.
Cheers Sue
Thank you, William! You went through with flying colors! Bravo! *Thumbsup*
For PDG Graduation Congrats on graduating the Nav Class! Well done, William! *BalloonG**ConfettiY**BurstV*
Hannah ♫♥♫ Thank you SO much! I will be going through a few of these lessons more than one to get it to stick even more. This was great and super helpful!