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Epilogues and Illustrations!

Today's the anniversary of when I first created this absurd interactive of mine, so in honor of that I've decided to once more try my hand at Illustrating Curse of the Lipomancer!

You can see the two images within recently added interactive chapters, but in case you'd like easier access, I'll just leave them here as well!



Hopefully you all enjoy them! I would love to do more, but for the time being I'm unfortunately going to have to hold off on that. Someday though, I intend to start producing more illustrations of both many of the characters within the story and the expansive array of situations and scenarios they (often literally) stumble into.

In the meantime, I've also decided to play around with an idea I've had called Epilogues, which is basically a fancy way of saying I intend to play around with more extensive bad endings.

They seem to be a favorite aspect of the interactive, not just for me but for you, the fans as well. That said, keep an eye out for chapters extending existing endings as well possibly! Such chapters would also be a good place for future images, but don't get your hopes up, haha.

Anyways, let me know what you all think of these ideas and the pics!
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I kinda wish that writing.com actually allowed competent image embedding. Sure, that might mean griefing, but considering how annoying it is for free users to even look at a story, I doubt there'd even be that much.
Gift Points Have Been Delivered!

Sorry it took me so long this time everybody. Three years?! That is unacceptable. From now on I might just use that new tip feature to deliver Gift Points to people? It might work better, though it feels less personal. If anybody ever has any questions about Curse of the Lipomancer though or wants to email me on here, please feel free!
Apologies: Part 3

Now to conclude my list of pipedreams, I'll talk about everybody's least favorite form of fetish material: Paid Content.

Yeah, Wufffox/Loup is thinking of selling out, what an asshole. Personally I'd only put something for sale if it was something I'd feel was fair to buy myself though. So let's wrap things up by talking about that.


Remember how I said that I wanted to release what I consider my definitive versions of character stories in part one of this rambling?

s***, I can already feel everyone panicking that I'm going to paywall any future Johanna stuff I write, but I assure you that is not the case! Anything I write for these linear stories, I still am going to place within the interactive on here for all to see. I might try to put together more collected editions with some neat extra illustrations as well though for a cheap price. Feedback on this idea is appreciated.

Side Stories

Again, this is a pipedream since I haven't even finished what I consider a mainline story involving characters yet, but it's something I've thought of.

Essentially just collected short stories set in the same setting but having nothing to do with the main plot. Something that includes illustrations and extras, sort of like the whole thing is an in-universe penny dreadful or zine or something.


Oh yes, the ultimate of pipedreams. Most of us have fantasized about making our own weight gain games, I'm sure. I mean damn, a few people have even done it! Have you played Volkenfox and T.F. Wright's "The Pirate's Fate" on steam yet? That s***'s pretty awesome and you should!

But yeah, I've thought of doing this with my interactive, and I'm certainly not the only one who has either. Personally though if I ever do get around to it, I'd like to do something not tied to the main characters, more spin-offs with room to breath and be self-contained, fulfilling stories. I would absolutely love to do a sort of Metroidvania style game involving weight gain, but it would take a ton of time to put together. I mean there would be hundreds, if not thousands of assets I'd need to draw to create something satisfying.

Anyways, let me know what you all think! You can also find me on Twitter:


And Curious Cat now too!:

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Regarding the game, you could go with a halfway measure and try developing a tabletop game (like everyone else and their grandmother). No programming, mostly writing and rulecraft, and only as much artistic effort as you want to expend. You'll have to scope out your competition, though, because the field's getting a bit crowded. Still, it'll allow you to dip your toes in game design.
Apologies: Part 2

With the rather rotund elephant in the room addressed, let me talk about some of my other ambitions for my really silly, niche, fetish work!

Other Interactives

This one seems a little weird, especially how I just got done writing about how I'm a bit soured on interactives in general, but it's definitely something I've given thought to.

Okay, well more than just given thought to, actually. About two years ago, I created the foundations for a spinoff interactive set in the Curse of the Lipomancer world, but with a lot less restrictions. I've just kept it private this whole time and haven't said anything about it.

The idea behind this interactive would basically be to loosen up, create fewer rules so that people could branch out more. One of the things I've noticed about my interactive is that people just want to create characters and do their own thing.

This spinoff would allow them to do that, allowing authors to write weight gain stories in an established fantasy setting. You know, without the title of the interactive looming over them and giving readers the expectation that the story needs to have something to do with this Lipomancer dude.

Before I make this one public though, I'd like a bit of feedback. Is this something you guys would like (If you're still even listening after all of this time at all)? Let me know in the comments, please!

A Reference Guide

Yet another idea spawned from my dumb desire for consistency. I'm sure most of you know about this desire by now, and that I haven't exactly been happy about how some additions to my interactive have turned out.

Well, another thing I like besides nitpicky consistency is reference material that ties into a body of work, just something to establish a sort of feel for a setting. This is another thing I've been considering for a very long while now, and think it could be pretty neat!

The idea, essentially, would be similar to those Pocket Guide to the Empire books that come with the Elder Scrolls games. Basically an in-universe guidebook that covers the general area where Curse of the Lipomancer is set, going over basic s*** like culture, notable nobles, maps, complete with illustrations. People wouldn't HAVE to follow this information, just something there to build off of if they'd like. Again, something I'd like feedback if you think it'd be a cool idea!
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A second interactive could work, but I don't know if it would serve its intended purpose.

Personally, I've never minded the Lipomancer getting top billing; whether or not he has to show up, he sets the tone for the interactive and establishes the themes fairly well. Granted, I don't think I've ever actually seen him written in a satisfying manner (much the way one would be unsatisfied with getting a good look at a monster in a horror movie), but as a nebulous force, he's fairly effective at telling the reader/prospective author what's different about this story and what's generally expected, and creates a necessary carte blanche for some of the absurdities and contrivances that occur in a fetish story.

Divorcing him from the setting would likely require more effort on the part of the author to justify why their adventurer just fell face-first into a Jacuzzi full of chocolate pudding, and why they don't simply pull themselves out of it. Plus, for better or worse, he's your "brand."

There's not really any harm in a second interactive, though, so you might as well.

In regards to the reference material, it's a neat idea. I've never actually seen the Pocket Guides, so I'm not sure what to expect along those lines. Regardless, if you want consistency in the story, this will likely be both the most effective and least intrusive way to enforce that.

I have been absent far too long from Writing.com it would seem.

Over the past year or so, I've gotten a new job that has kept me very busy with full time work. In addition to this, what free time I do spend on artwork or writing has gone towards other projects I've been meaning to work on, but said projects have a definite endpoint, and I hope to wrap them up by the end of this year hopefully.

With that being the case, my goal is to focus a lot more on Curse of the Lipomancer, and possibly even other project set within the same world. It's something I've thought about for a very long time now, and something I should probably be more open about. As it stands, it feels like I've written only a fraction of what I have planned for this world down, with at least 90% of it still inside my head!

That's said, let's talk a little about what I have planned.

The Future of the Interactive

Let's not sugarcoat this, it's been, what, a year and a half since I've personally added a new chapter?

I won't lie, I've grown somewhat disillusioned with the whole interactive format here. There's also the fact that it doesn't allow me as much control over the story as I might like, leaving it to be taken in certain directions I don't exactly feel fit the "canon" of the story. Yeah, it seems picky and dumb to think about something like canonicity when it comes to a fetish story, but I'm a picky and dumb guy.

That said, I've considered recently just abandoning the interactive format altogether. I figured I'd just do single, self-contained stories for the characters I want to flesh out the most and leave it at that. Then something happened. There's not a lot of room for feedback here, but in other places I've seen that some people are huge fans of some of the alternate storylines that wouldn't even be possible in a linear story.

I admit, the most appealing thing to me about the interactive format are these possibilities, and the different realities and endings they can branch off into. It wouldn't feel right to cut that off or shut out other authors (Many of them better than me!) who love these characters too just because I'm being picky and have issues with a few things here and there.

So with that laid out, I might still post standalone versions of character stories, (think of them like director's cuts), but I also want to keep this thing open too. Maybe I should get off my lazy ass and do a better job curating it all.
So the curse isn’t getting moved to a different place anymore? Great.
Twitter and Tumblr

So you've probably noticed that I've been using this newsfeed a lot more lately! That's probably not such a great idea seeing as it's not the best of most convenient way to reach people.

So I've decided to create a twitter account, which you can find here:


If it gains a few followers I'll try using it for updates, communicating with fans, and even answering questions you might have about Curse of the Lipomancer. I think now is also a good time to point out my tumblr as well for those who would prefer that.

I'd like to warn you first though that I do also post my artwork there, some of which is NSFW, most of which is fat, and may even contain some more fringe fetishes that some may find distasteful. That said, if you aren't bothered by that kind of thing:


Follow me there if you'd want to see more of my visual artwork, see artwork focusing on the same subject matter but by much more talented people, or if you prefer to use tumblr for communicating with me and asking questions.

That said, I've been making it a goal to try and contribute to CotL more frequently from now on, and plan on working on even more chapters in the coming week. Thanks everyone, and don't be afraid to follow me and ask me whatever you'd like about my work!
I Just Realized

Been a year to the day since I last posted a chapter for The Remus and Uturi storyline. Going to have to fix that soon.
An Update on the Mass Removal of Chapters

As of now, 78 have been deleted from the interactive. I still have more to weed through, but those will take a bit more time as most of those are intertwined with contributions by more talented authors. I had hoped to be able to reason with the main offender, and then I unfortunately tried to ignore what had to be done when they refused to understand my arguments. Today that changes.

Rest assured, I will be taking a closer look at existing chapters and being far less accepting of future additions. Contributions I deem sloppy but fixable will be edited. Contributions I deem irreparable or outright harmful will be scrubbed. Fear will keep future violators in line, fear of this delete button.

So Much For That!

I make a post over a year ago stating my intentions to clean up, and then I disappear for a year. How embarrassing. Well I think it's time for a change.

Originally I was going to go through with a more complex plan when it came to deleting chapters, but I feel like time is more important. That said, by next week I'll be removing any that I deem worth removing. Happy New Year everyone, I promise this one will be different.
Let's hope this promise is a New Year's resolution that can be held
Fair enough. Sounds good.
I think I've Been Lenient for too Long

When I first started out on Writing.com, when I first started making Interactives, the thing that I wanted to prioritize is quality above all else. I wanted to provide other people something good, something that they can sink their teeth into when it came to a niche interest where quality was severely lacking.

Over time however, the standards of quality on this website have changed. Even if they are still in the minority, there have been other stories created on this site that have raised the bar when it comes to weight gain literature. That said, I simply feel like my own is not up to snuff.

So instead of accepting that in all likelihood my efforts to find an audience, respect, or even interest in my interactive at this point would be futile, I'm going to go full asshole. From now on, I will no longer delete or edit chapters merely based on poor grammar or spelling (And even then I've been slacking in that department), but I will also be much more strict over the actual content and tone.

Few of you need to be afraid of having your chapters deleted. Those who do have been warned multiple times and still continue to post, barely improving at all.

I had hoped to use my story to foster growth, just as I am thankful for the growth I experienced as an author when first starting here as a contributor to others interactives. It's clear though that at this point my enabling has done more harm to my own story then it has done good for individuals.

I may continue with a prior plan of mine, that being to create a second second interactive with less strict rules, but don't count on anything. Starting this month I will no longer be as coddling as I once was, and hopefully that may serve to provide at least a slightly more respectable death for my interactive if not anything more hopeful.
Yours is my favorite so far, though I have not explored fully.
Ehmm, no, from all of the Wg stories I've seen, yours are the best ones I've come across, You for me are the best writer I've seen

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while and I haven't been around to update much. I do have a bit of good news though if anyone is interested.

I believe that I once made a previous Notebook entry on thee possibly of illustrations for Curse of the Lipomancer, as a way to bring some of these characters more to life. Since then I've actually made an account over on Deviantart and created a couple of pieces as sort of a test.

So here's a picture of Johanna, roughly depicting how I think she normally looks:


And here's another of her at a much larger size (Warning for immobility and some messy eating). Bonus short story too!:


These pictures are mostly something that I just drew for fun, and I wouldn't say that this is Johanna's finalized look. I've been thinking of redesigning her outfit a bit in the future. But let me know what you guys think, and if you want me to try this out with some of the other characters as well!
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I'd never pieced together that you were supposed to be Infinite-Loup. Today I learned, I guess.

Also, I still like it. It's novel enough to have characters visualized, as such. Yeah, it might be cool to see you do this with other characters.
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Not liking the new layout?
Followup Notice: An Unsuccessful Update

So it turns out that I probably shouldn't have even taken down the interactive when I did. Due to certain circumstances I wasn't able to implement the changes that I wished to, rendering the whole endeavor pointless.

Even then however, I'm not giving up. I'm trying to do the same things I had set out to with my last attempt, but this time with even more potential changes. Some of this stuff will be pretty experimental, these things being something that I haven't seen done with any other interactives on here, but hopefully in the end they will serve to make the story even more enjoyable and solve my recent problems with quality as well.

That's not something to worry about just yet though. For now I just wanted to apologize for screwing this up, but if all goes well it should pay off in the end.

Hey everyone, just wanted to give my readers a heads up. If you see that my interactive has disappeared, don't panic!

I will be setting Curse of the Lipomancer as private, and it should only last a few hours, possibly until tomorrow night at the longest! It is not gone, so do not worry!

I'm just doing a bit of cleaning up, editing some important things and deleting some chapters that I've talked to their respective authors about. If you have any concerns please send me an email, but this is nothing to worry about.

Take care everyone, and hopefully this will be a good step towards the improvement of the story as a whole.
That's what she said.
It's such a huge story what DID get changed?
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