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Well in the weak i have off. Might as well do this and see what ideas you lot get in your head.

Follow this templete and post your ideas for short stories

Additional Notes:

Post as much as you want and who knows. One might catch my or someone else's eye and they might write a story. Plus could be a good brain storming session. I'll post the first one
Title:Cinder's test subject
Series: RWBY
Giantess: Cinder Fall
Premise: Cinder is still at Beacon( before Volume 3) and is now testing some new shrinking dust Salem created. She finds an unsuspecting student and shrinks him down and performs tests. And of course make him her personal slave.

Additional Notes: I'll leave the tests up to you, all I ask is foot worship, ass worship and boob worship and whatever else you can think of.
Title: Stomaching a Jedi's Love
Series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Giantess: Padme
Premise: While on a secret vacation on Naboo to celebrate his wedding anniversary, Anakin mysteriously shrinks down to an inch tall and is unknowingly eaten by Padme. Now he has to find his way out of his wife's digestive system and get her attention lest he perish within her body....
Additional Notes: Consists of (in order) unaware, nude giantess, vore, full tour, and finally, giantess/tiny sex both vaginal and anal.
Title: A Big Raid Boss
Series: Sword Art Online
Giantess: Silica
Premise: In Alfheim Online, there’s rumors about the latest boss room. Apparently, it scales to a party’s weakest member. No one’s been able to beat it and people who fought the boss don’t remember it; though some players do come out of it with extra rare gear. Intrigued, Kirito and the group go to challenge the boss. It turns it out, the boss room doesn’t have a boss, but it does relate to the weakest party member. Turns out, they become the boss of the room! To make sure they stand a chance, the weakest player is made a giant and, to make sure they don’t lose on purpose, they get rare gear if they win. Silica is the one chosen from Kirito’s party and decides to have a little fun.
Additional Notes: The giantess could be any character in the show. The effect of the boss room could just be changed to grow whoever you like.
Okay! I'm gonna take a quick break for a weak, maybe more. See ya then.
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Well let's try this. Just trying to find something I can comfortable with and testing it here.

Your recommended girls. Down below tell me five girls you recommend. Of course no guarantee I will do them, but if they are in my sights that is good and I could have my interest there.

If you post your girls, but want to update with new replacements, I will delete your last one so your new one is the only one
Nico Robin (one piece)
Boa Hancock (one piece)
Momo Yaoyorozu (mha)
Diane (seven deadly sins)
Jessie (Pokemon)
Is this still going on? Just wondering
Charlotte Galette (One Piece)
Brandish Myu (Fairy Tail)
Mittelt (High School DxD)
Tayuya (Naruto)
Raven (Teen Titans)
Another Giantess story! In such a short time!

It is a Star Wars Story. Where Rey finds a miniature primitive race on a planet. Gentle Giantess

Spoilers for The Rise Of Skywalker.


Please tell me what you think!
Got another short giantess story! This time it's a follow up the the Gravity Falls story i did.

Incase you missed it, here is the first one with Giantess Pacifica

And here is the sequel with Giantess Mabel
It’s cool
@Carlos Thank you!
So for those who have read the two stories with Ray and the goddess, lets get creative down below. I want to see what creative ideas you have for the story in the comments. Anything basically goes, as i set the stories up free reign and able to do anything.

Juat keep in mind, for these kind of stories i do 2500 words. So keep that word count in mind. I can double it, but it will turn into a part two situation.

Regardless let's see the creative comments!
Well, creativity is not one of my strong points in this but in the last chapter the goddess was going to put Ray near a girl that she was convinced he would love it so I was thinking she could send him with a little sister or niece. She could be aware or not that he is not a doll. Also she is having a slumber party with her friends with all the activities and things girls do in these type of parties and she is bringing him with her. In this setting the goddess could appear under the appearance of one of her friends with everybody but Ray being unaware of this fact. This way she could have her fun now. Or she could go along with Ray and be small too, sharing the experience of being near giantess if that is what she wanted.

Just some thougths. I don't know if this is very creative or not.
1) At some point the goddess tells Ray that he’s going to send Ray to his “Waifu” Chun-Li. Ray is naturally excited about it. But instead of being sent to the actual Chun-Li, he gets dropped with a cosplayer of her instead!

2) The goddess pretends like she is going to give Ray a choice on where he will go next. Ray chooses to go to a girl’s locker room because of course he does. The goddess obliges and sends him to... the shoe lockers of an all girls school; inside one of the lockers.

3) The goddess is bored and decides to make a more aware scenario for Ray. She chooses some magical girl or witch and makes him their familiar. Ray is prevented from speaking “out of character” and has to play along. You could choose a magical girl/witch from something or make her up.
Just an idea I came up with after reading your last chapter about Ray's niece (that was really good) maybe as Ray likes giant girls the goddess wants to trick him by giving him more than he can handle: By teleporting him to a group of girls (I leave to your choice) and making them be really affectionate towards him.
Got some stuff to post!

First off, the long awaited next chapter in DC Ladies Toy. This time with fun with Poison Ivy

On the other end, contination with the Goddess Chronicles (Working out the name). Called Giant Niece.

Hope to see what you think!
Wow, that was fast. I like it!
Really good chapters! I am looking forward to see more of both stories.
Here is the follow up to 'A Deal With A Goddess'. Not much of a resolution, but furthers the story.


And the original just in case you missed it.

Good job on this one too. Cute story with a little bit of humor, can’t wait for more!
Doing a great job with these stories. Btw, any chance of continuing DC Ladies Toy soon?
I'm glad you continue the story. I liked it. I'm looking forward to reading more!
Another giantess story! Finishing off the DC CW trio with Supergirl. Or should I say Overgirl! Who is back for revenge

Giantess: Overgirl


Hope you all tell me what you think!