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I did it! I did it all. Didn’t expect 89 requests when I offered it, but it’s done! Over three weeks, averaging 3 to 4 a day. Let’s just say i’m glad to be over with it.

I will also be taking a VaKay (vacation) for about a week so i’ll be inaccessible.

When I get back, i’ll try to focus on Pokeworld. I want to improve it, add to it and make it a standard.

Anyway, C ya,
Good luck, see you then.
Have a nice break, you definitely earned it
Enjoy your vacation, you deserve it.
Enjoy your vacations! you totally deserve it
hello, sorry if my english is not perfect ^^.
Besides, you write well and I wanted to thank you.
I would like a story about 'lumine' (main character) from genshin impact.
Merry Christmas.
And here it is! The Newest Interactive: Barbie's New Doll.


The protagonist buys a Barbie doll, only to find that it is not only alive and real, but can also mess with people's sizes.

You don't need to know Barbie lore to enjoy this interactive
I completely agree. Good luck on your new Barbie story. I particularly like the idea of the Barbie growing into a giant and can't wait to see what you do with the following chapters.
Very good story i liked the chapters of the little guy being found by the Milf and the three college girls who are interested on him.
@Brucasco I see, ill try to add to that in the future
The first part of fun with Miss Martian is Out! Hope you all like it!


Hope you all enjoy reading it, cause i enjoyed writing it
Just as a Teaser, i will have a new interactive out very soon. Only 20 chapters, but 20 Thousand word chapters.

Also, it would be best to not to add to it. As this will be my own personally interactive
That's fine. I can't wait to read it.
Sounds good I am looking forward to read it.
Ryo-Oh-Ki from tenchi
Flopsy from Peter Rabbit movie
Are you a fire emblem fan? I know you're not doing the requests system anymore, but it would be cool to get the Fire Emblem Three Houses characters in this story
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