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And that is the end of the Flash Event! Here is the list of chapters I will be doing in the order I will be doing them.

1. Mako From Kill La Kill
2. Martha Johnson From Dodgeball
3. Aphrodite From Record Of Ragnarok
4. Skye From Pup Patrol
5. Sophia From Persona
6. Aqua From Kingdom Hearts.
7. Chika from Love is War
8. Arceus: Gloria Story.
9. Wasp From Avengers
10. Harley Quinn from DC
11. Wonder Woman From Super Hero Girls
12. Birdo From Mario
13. Barbie: Wendy and Michaela
14. Mandy From Totally Spies
15. Ruto From Zelda
16. Janine From Abbott Elementary
17. DMG From Yugioh
18. Beelzebub From Hulluva Boss
19. Hancock From One Piece
20. D.Va From Overwatch
21. Latias From Pokemon
22. Inner Moka From Rosaria Vampire
23. Mirko From My Hero Academia
24. Jessica Rabbit From Roger Rabbit
25. Aqua From Konosuba
26. Arceus: Diantha
27. Sarah From Oversize Sextet
28. Barbie: Melissa
29. ???
30. Leni Loud from Loud House
31. Serra From Fire Emblem.

The ??? Are requests that I don't know yet. I'll try to contact them and get the details, but I will skip over them if I get to them and don't know the info. Will come back to them later. 
particularly looking forward the 4, 5. 15 and 31
Damn, just missed the event. Hope there's another one soon!
Sorry, i had a busy weekend XD but i will make sure to message you my request during this week. so don't worry to leave me for the last.

Also thank you again for the fun event!
-Flash Event-

Flash event is on. For 24 hours, if you add a chapter to Shrunk Near Your Favorite Girl X, you can request a free chapter from me!

- 1 per person
- Must be over 300 words
- Request can be for any of my Interactives
-24 Hours since this post went up.
-Msg me afterwards with the request.

Good luck!
Question: Do choice chapters count?
No they do not.
Thank you very much for the event!
New Story!

 Rebel Goddess  (E)
A Giantess Story About Star Wars.
#2303561 by Lover Of All Giantesses

Staring Hera, and a shrunken group of Imperial Pilots. Unaware as they get knocked off one by one.

The Spy X Family story is next. Although I'm torn between two stories. One is where Loid takes an experimental Drug made to shrink and hide spies. He was giving it, cause Twilight was the best operative, and if it can survive a house hold, it can survive anything. The other idea was Anya while in Becky's room, here's the thoughts of shrunken people. As somehow the shrunken people got in that room. The story will revolve Anya Forger: Tiny Savior as she collects them, while the unaware Becky is a danger to them. Don't know which one I wanna do.

Also for the monthly chapters, I am continuing the Paldea story in Pokeworld! Felt like doing more there.
The story staring Loid sounds fun
Loid's story sounds more fun with it involving the main cast.
Lois story. Tiny Loid interacting with normal sized Yor and Anya sounds interesting.
Hello everyone!

I finished up my month of straight Eeveelution chapters, and moving onto the next one. After some debating, It will be a month of Widowmaker chapters. Overwatch fans rejoice!!

As for those that aren't fans, hope you enjoy this story I made.

 Mario And Sonic At The Giantess Games  (E)
A Giantess Story: Giantess: A LOT
#2301225 by Lover Of All Giantesses

An idea that's been in my mind. 7000 words long with five events. I have a couple of story ideas in my head so they should be out eventually

2 For Pokemon.
1 For Spy X Family
1 for Star Wars (Which should be next)

Anyway, enjoy!
Pokemon sounds interesting
As an Overwatch fan, Widowmaker storyline looks interesting. And I will also check out your new story soon!
Spy x family sounds good 2 me
Okay here is a short story that I made as part of a request!

Set in the RWBY universe, stars a shrunken Jaune and a very stern, hot and blonde teacher. Glynda Goodwitch. Longest short story I've made with 7000 words, so I guess it's more of a Medium story haha.

Hope you like it 152!

 A Stern And Giant Teacher  (ASR)
A Giantess Story About RWBY. Giantess: Glynda Goodwitch
#2299029 by Lover Of All Giantesses
Okay everyone, A quick heads up!

I'm done with the weekly chapter for the girls. Fun but want to try something else right now. Instead of doing a week straight for one girl, starting in July it will be 1 month for a line of chapters.

Now, I will be doing a month straight for the Eeveelution, Time-Loop and a story in Pokeworld at some point. Not sure about the others in between just yet.

I am also working on a RWBY Giantess Story for someone, so expect that within a week.
It sounds fun!
If i comment a girl Will you write some chapters about her? After all you finished this thing about a girl in a week before write the girls that interest to me
Tadaa! Here is another story! Been a while but glad to get a short story out.

 Dynamax Adventures: Hatterene  (13+)
A Giantess Story About Pokemon
#2269162 by Lover Of All Giantesses

I was thinking about writing stories of Dynamax Pokemon and tiny humans. I guess this is the first instalment.

I got ideas for Salazzle, Lopunny, Tsareena, Snorlax, Braixen, Ninetails, Ribombee, Zoroark and Sneasler.

But that's for later. Comment on what you thought on this story!
Not a huge fan of cruel but this was still a fun read. Cany wait to read more of the future installments.
a fun start
It was a fun story to read!
Sorry if I might seem like a broken record but can you please do ninjini from skylanders parts with her being a gentle but playful giantess with safe vore, no digestion, cleavage and breasts vore just cause you never did any breasts vore please if your break is over she is one of my favorite skylanders and she does have many fans as well?
Is there gonna be another round of free chapters for Shrunk Near Your Favorite Girl?
Yeah I've been thinking about it. Probably some time in February as there are things I wanna do first and that's the best time frame.
Awesome! Can't wait.
So Blue Fox... Just deactivated his account. He will be missed
s*** that sucks, he is a great writer. Does anybody know why?
Damn, really? That’s too bad, he had a lot of good stuff.
Wait what? Dang...
Well people wanted it so here it is. The Fantasy Size Story (Any suggestions for better name I'd love it)

 Fantasy Size Story  (E)
Size Story With A Fantasy World
#2264651 by Lover Of All Giantesses

The description has the plot of the world. It only has a couple of stories but will work on more. Admittedly I think this growth will be slower than the rest of my stories, but at least it was here
  •   1 comment
I started reading it and i really like it
How would everyone feel if I make a new interactive. One with a fantasy base on it? Four different sizes and many kingdoms and races.

Tinies: Tomkins, Sprites, Homuculus, Troglodytes and such

Averages: Humans, Beast-Men, Elves, Dwarves, Vampires, Demons and more.

Titans: Archangel, Dryad, Dragoness, Spectre, Behemoth and more.

God: God of Chivalry, God of the Hunt, God of Knowledge and more.

I already have the world in my mind? How would everyone else feel?
Remember the Trollkins
I'm in let me know please.

Happy Trails,
It sounds great! i would definitely read something like that!
Merry Christmas everyone! And as my Christmas present, a fun little interactive.

Much like my Eeveelution interactive, it's a single line story. With 50 chapters on to it and a lot of fun.

It's called...
 Shrunk In A Time Loop  (E)
Shrunk In A Time Loop (DON'T ADD.)
#2261527 by Lover Of All Giantesses

Hope everyone enjoys it!
I have just finished reading it and I love it! A nice Christmas present. Are you going to continue it?
Thanks and Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Opps... May have set something to public when it was suppose to be private for now.

Everyone who saw it... lose it from memory

Gee I missed it! Send it to me!!
I saw nothing
:O I am sure nobody saw nothing....
Quick update for those who care.

Eeveelution: Have finished the reworks and it is back up. No new chapter yet, but they are coming. might wanna read it through and catch back up with the story ;)

Favorite Girl: I've been editing girls to have a wiki and a Picture with them. At girl #1162 and it's a lot of work. If you want to add new girls, it would be appreciated if you copy the formula I have done.

Pokeworld: I've added a search chapter just like the main interactive. Less detailed, but Makes it easier to access. If any of the links don't work please tell me.

Finally, I've found out a solution to a very common problem. When trying to post a picture from a Fandom or Wiki sight, it gets broken. I've found a way to fix this.

If the image is a static in the url. Change the Https to Http when copy and pasting. Actually works.
for Favorite Girl what if they dont have a wiki?
I've encountered that. I either make it so it's a summary of the show at the very least.

But if you can't find ANYTHING. Just put N/A. Not that big a deal
Cool! i will make sure to read again Eveelution and keep in mind the favourite girl formula for when add ing new girls there. Thanks for all your work!
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