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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Just checking in to let you know that I'm not dead. Apologies for not writing in ages but I do still read every chapter people submit, so thank you to everyone who has contributed. Have loved reading them.

I've put together a TF/TG Blog (yep, another one to add to the pile), as I seem to have more time for slapping together crappy captions than writing full chapters these days. The link is here if anyone is interested


I should probably warn that some of the captions are a bit saucy, with probably darker subject matter than I usually write here

I also have a DeviantArt that is actually ancient but got forgot about. That can be found here:


I hope this finds everybody well. All the best

Seems I'm already watching you there.
I'm watching you on DA now.
I've written a short story and am now fishing around for a pen name that doesn't sound too pretentious and doesn't make me cringe all my skin off.
Any pen name suggestions anyone?
Are you looking for a professional pen name or one for here?

The ones on here sometimes change with the seasons or express something the person likes to do. It could be a hobby to let everyone know what you like to do the most or a nickname you have had for years.

Professional names do need a bit more thought. If you are planning on registering it you want something which will catch the eye. Several authors I know write under different pen names depending on what genre they write in.

I know this hasn't been too much help, but a pen name can be a personal item.

Happy Trails,
You might try using something based on an obscure, minor character from your favorite book. Don't choose an easily recognizable character. Or perhaps a play on your favorite actor;

Something like this — Emily Proctor might become Amelia Tester.
Why not keep using Yote?
Apologies for not being active recently - have busy purchasing my first house, which has been a nightmare! Hopefully I should have time to write when things settle down.

On that subject, a friend has suggested having a go at writing/publishing a short-to-mid length story. It might give me something to work towards and a bit of focus. Would anybody be interested in that sort of thing? Any requests or recommendations before I start?

All the best and hope you're all safe
I'm happy to announce the creation of the first new Interactive I've made in years!

WonderWorld™!  (18+)
Transformation in a World of Wonder™
#2218870 by Yote

Although I must admit that the setting was entirely the brainchild of grumbus

Imagine Westworld meets Disneyland meets Willy Wonka.

Can't wait to add to it, and look forward to reading any additions ^_^

I'd also like to wish everybody well in light of current events. Stay safe!
Just wanted to mention that I've been getting into Daz 3D lately and putting the results on my Deviantart if anybody wants to see. If anybody wants an interactive chapter of theirs animating, I'd be happy to give it a shot.

Link to my account is here: http://coyotey.deviantart.com/

Have a nice weekend.
Speaking of Daz 3D, I get an email from them every day about special offers, and I go to the character pages and take copies of the images. When I create a character, I use one of the images to help me visualise them. I use other sources too, but this is a pretty cnvenient one, and as long as I only use them for my character sheets and don't re-publish, I'm doing no harm.
Do you have any difficulty with rendering times, Zen? Mine is set to run for up to two hours but even that still tends to result in a grainy image. My laptop is of a decent spec, and I've tried pumping as much light into the scenes as possible. Is that to be expected with some renders?
Happy Anniversary u thinking about any new story's?
I've finally finished editing and made-public the intro to an interactive. I've been sitting on for ages as I felt it was somewhat silly and derivative of Rubber Brush. I quite fancy starting something new and fun though. :)

Magic Pencil  [18+]
Graphite of the Gods. Eraser of Oblivion.
by Yote

If you have any suggestions or critiques at all regarding it, especially related to the mechanics of how the pencil operates, please feel free to tell me as this is the ideal time to tweak or rewrite it.

I look forward to any contributions. Also I will get around to giving out the awards for best in genre that I promised weeks ago. Sorry it's taking me so long. I haven't forgotten.
Yeah, I know, it's a bit old hat. I was trying to think of something original to do but decided just to do a simple, magic-artifact-type story. i.e. I ran out of original ideas :P

Hmm, do you think it would be better to just strip out the reality warping aspect altogether? Simplify it a bit?
All good points - I'll cut out the non-canvas portions. They're basically vestigial from my nicking the idea from the old tv show, Penny Crayon.

How about water being able to undo the changes? I prefer the idea of there being a secondary way of changing back without the pencil but also being easily locked-in to the change... The time limit is a bit arbitrary though. Hmm, I think I'll cut that part out too.
Once again, sage advice. It's starting to look more sensible. I'm still bothered by the lack of form-locking but, if Ranma 1/2 has taught me anything, it's that the protagonist getting drenched with water is a very rare event.
Perhaps a magic laminator that makes them impermeable to water... Or a magic pen. Eventually I can have a whole Magic Stationary Expanded Universe.
And so concludes the first annual Yote transfestival-athon 2017. Thanks to everybody we contributed. A lot of great chapters! But the winner of most transformative chapters written goes to...

La La Lan-

Wait, this is the wrong envelope...

The actual winners are:
For great contributions to world building, Gold goes to... mysteriousz.
For an excellent, grounded look at VR, Silver goes to... Aurthor
And, because I've counted it once and I'll be darned if I'm doing a recount, joint Bronze goes to... takacube , vilmoney and Mr. George .

Your shiny medals will be sent out in due course. I will endeavor to choose Best in Genre as soon as I'm recovered from a deadly case of manflu.

Until next year!
The first annual Yote transfestival-athon 2017 has been extended a week to March 1st! I'm also adding two additional merit-badges to the prize pile:

Animal! - for the best animal transformation chapter
Hobby Craft! - for the best inanimate transformation chapter
lol wtf dude !? =)
I have too much time on my hands.
Well, if that's the case you could always add to old classics...

I finally got my writing mojo back, I have nothing else to do, and my bank manager recently informed me that if I don't clear some of these Gift Points out of my account, my balance will literally explode, showering us all in fiery debris, thus it is with a heavy heart that I am forced to announce...


For the next two weeks, whichever three writers contribute most to interactives in my portfolio will win a boat an amazingly useless useful awardicon in gold, silver and bronze flavours!

An additional five Merit Badges will be awarded to the writers of the five chapters chosen by myself as Best In Genre, exemplifying the categories of:
And finally that most well-known of literary genres, Parenting!

The first annual Yote transfestival-athon 2017 starts today, right now, and continues until the the 22nd of February, so somebody please remind me around then that I launched this competition because I'll probably forget!

Rules of the competition

Rule one: there are no rules!
Rule two: ignore rule one!
Rule three: chapters must be legible and detail at least one transformation or the aftermath to be counted. In other words, option chapters don't count!
Rule four: high-quality chapters will count for double or more, at my discretion.

Feel free to reference the beautifully alphabetized list below:
"Alternate Earths 18+: Humanity gain the ability to slide between alternate realities. Contains TF and TG.

"Bodysuits.com 18+: You find a website that sells bodysuits allowing you to become anyone or anything

"Costume Store 18+: A mysterious costume store that offers a whole new life.

"Fanfiction Gender Change 18+: TG, shrink, age, and morph your favourite characters. Now with 50% more Princess Peach.

"Last Man Standing 18+: You're the last man on Earth. Try not to die by snu-snu.

"Morphing and Magic 18+: Transformation in a world of wizardcraft and witchery

"Morphing and Magic: Adventurer's Tales 18+: Transformations in a world of medieval fantasy. Take two.

"Morph Materia 18+: Final fantasy shenanigans starring the transformative morph materia

"Science Fiction Transformations 18+: Careening through nightmare visions of the future

"Star Trek Change 18+: A Star Trek story, featuring transforming, possession, bodyswapping, and everything else.

"TFPD: Transformation Police Department 18+: Transformation in a dark world of vice, violence, and villainry.

"The Power Broker 18+: A superhero story with a twist! (The twist is it's super generic and lame.)

"Trapped & Transformed in Virtual Reality 18+: Trying out the latest in out-of-body experiences when something goes horribly wrong.

"TFetish.com 18+: A pornographic studio that caters exclusively to the TG, TF, shrinking fetish crowd

"The Rubber Brush 18+: Rubber brush? I hardly know her brush!

And happy writing!

P.S. It took me longer to format this than come up with this idea. Dang, that's some good formating.
If you want I could just extend it a week. Though it would be breaking with the ancient, time honoured traditions of the First Annual Transfestival-athon. :)
So I have a few unused interactive slots and was wondering what to do with them. Any ideas? Seems like a shame to waste them. All I can think of at the moment is a Dexter's Lab style story with a little kid with his own laboratory which occasionally goes haywire and transmogrifies him/everybody else.

I'm taking suggestions.
I just lacked the interest...It happens sometimes, you have an idea and you just never follow through with it. I still have the interactive, just no idea where to take the story.
How about a bleach story where a camera the transform the user into any girl from the show and main character is ichigo

i like this idea.
yote i have a few ideas for possible chapters involving your story "the rubber brush" but am very new to this would you be willing to help with this??

Haha. Yeah. My mouse is riddled with buttons that refresh the browser, go back or forward, and they're a nightmare constantly wiping chapters while I write them. It's rage inducing.

I'm not sure what to suggest regarding improving your writing, since you're doing a great job so far.
Wow, thanks! I'm glad to see your enjoying the additions so far!

I'm drafting the chapters out slowly in an a4 refill pad i have before tweaking them whilst online as i don't have access to a pc at work. Only my phone and the keypad on that is bad enough.
Yote a question, how do you go about making speech more fluent to read without adding about who asked a question or said what, this is what seems to be a block for me and its made a few of my chapters feel clunky to read
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
Alternate Earths  (18+)
Humanity gain the ability to slide between alternate realities. Contains TF and TG.
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