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How to use "fret not" in a writing?

Anyone care giving me some examples or explanation?

Thanks in advance ^-^
In my opinion, "fret not" is used the same way as "don't fret," but it gives the sentence an older, more archaic feel.

Don't fret, little one. There will be plenty to eat.

Fret not, little one. There will be plenty to eat.
*Blush* Oh, and I totally forgot to say, "WELCOME TO WdC, zatykhan! *Bigsmile*

I see you are making yourself at home. Good job! *Smile*
Hi. so i am wondering. I'm in a marketing department, do i have the right to refuse to work on EVERY weekends, when the company does not pay me extra. All they give is replacement leave, yet always got questioned if I apply leaves because we are short in hand. My contract stated I'm paid from Mon-Fri only. I reaallyy don't want to work every weekends, but I am still a trainee, do I have the right to argue? hmmm... hope someone reads this and help me. thanks!
Welcome to WdC! I think you'd have more people answering your question if you were asking about how to use a semi-colon. lol I would suggest considering how much longer you be a trainee, if your circumstances will change when you are not a trainee, is this a job you want to keep for a long time, how other long-term employees are treated, if you are able to withstand possibly losing your job, etc. You can always check with human resources, if you company has that department. I understand your frustration, though. I once worked somewhere that they always gave us "comp time" to use toward more days off, but then refused our days off because we were always so short handed. I lost a lot of comp time when I left. But it made sense--if they couldn't function with the regular staff and regular hours, how are they going to function with 1 less staff member?

Good luck!
First question are you in the States? Most of the U.S. are a right to work state and they can fire you for anything. #2: What did you put for your availability hours to work. If you put 7 days, ya don't have a leg to stand on. I was in management and was HR for a year. It all depends on those two questions but truly more #2.

Now, if your in another country I have no idea of course. I have no idea about the hiring process for other countries.

They will work newbies more on the weekends unless they
Blast it I accidentally hit submit 🤦🤦🤦

They do work the newbies more on weekends and holidays. I agree with Schnujo--Spending hrs here about checking out how the other employees are treated and is it a job that you want as long term? If it isn't get another job before you quit, that's my advice. I hope this helps you some what.
Well, this is fun... I hope I am committed enough to do this.
Welcome to WdC, zatykhan! I hope you had a great holiday and I also hope you are committed enough to do "this," whatever that may be. *Smile*
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