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My father was dying of cancer and he wasn't one for saying good bye, but we said good bye three times. I wrote this to help me.
 Bye, Dad  (ASR)
The long good-bye with a dying father
I haven't been reviewing my usual daily quota but I'll get back into it soon.
I know what it's like to lose someone you love. I lost my dad when I was 16 years of age and I'm glad I went to go see him when he was home at my grandmothers house. That was the last time I saw him but he forgave me and he loved me so we both said I love you to each other.

Keep the memories alive in your heart. I'm so sorry for your loss. I miss my dad dearly. It has been 28 years since that time. You will heal from this in time.

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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
On an Island  (E)
A dancing dervish mends a ship.

Times like this I wonder why
A poem is easier than a story.
Think and think, at least I try
To add to my repertory.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Dark and Stormy Night  (E)
People weather a storm together.
Thanks to Blimpreaper for tips on how to improve it.
Improvements hard-earned and duly noted. Welcome to the Anthology!
Thank you so much!
Alright I am going to try for the anthology...not sure what I am going to write but it will make it
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Dark and Stormy Night  (E)
People weather a storm together.
It's supposed to be a ghost story and I've improved it from Blimpreaper 's suggestions. Do you get the creeps? Maybe I still need to improve it. I'd like to hear from you.
Good day to you, Milady. I'll take another look at it, but it may not be before tomorrow. It was submitted for the anthology, and if it scores a five, it will still go in. Thanks so much for taking the time to rewrite; that's a rare event in these parts.

*Poison* Jack
Thanks WDC for the contests that give me ways to practice! And thanks for the great feedback!

Stage 1) Learn to write stories.
Stage 2) Learn to develop characters.
Yay! I'm in stage 2! I feel like I graduated, this may seem silly to some people, but before I could only write poems, not stories.

Thank you all!

Prose  (E)
We write to tell the stories that are within us.
I think contest owners who say they'll give a merit badge for a large enough donation should do so. Twice now, I've donated and not received a badge. I don't know how to find my sent mail folder so I'm having a hard time following up. It shouldn't matter because I'm happy to support the competitions, but it does matter because I think "I only feel new because I recently returned, but what if I were really new? What impression would this give me?"
Hi, Zhen. Click on Email on your left-side navigation bar, then on Folders at the top of the Email page. The SentMail tab is probably on the right end.
Sending a MB is not an automatic or instantaneous process so that happens sometimes.

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I am starting to succeed with my plan to have dice rolls beat the blank page until a story idea emerges from the prompts' constraints. However, it's not good enough yet and I have some clean up to do because it is scattered across different files. Feeling overwhelmed because I haven't broken it into bite size pieces yet.
My stories are flat. Yay, I'm writing stories now! This is great and worth celebrating, but I want to break through to the next level in story creation. So I'm making a to do list, and I'm wondering, do we really need to do all these steps before writing a good story? Doesn't it just come out?

1. Choose a picture.
2. What's the message? It's directed at.... Where along the situation do you want to show it? When [INCITING INCIDENT] happens, [OUR PROTAGONIST] decides [TO DO ACTION] against [ANTAGONIST]. Write something that may change your life.
3. You want something so you go search, you find something (it's the theme), you take it, return home and all is lost, so you change. Look for what's possible. We see what characters do, not what they think. Character is revealed through action. Plot is character development. What am I questing after?
4. Choose a theme (love, war, revenge, betrayal, forgiveness, rich versus poor). Identify the story challenges and problems.
5. You wrote the premise (logline). Now write the designing principle.
Tootsie: A man needs a job so dresses as a woman. Principle: put a chauvinist man in a dress.
Harry Potter: Boy with great powers. Principle: Grows to maturity over 7 years (7 books).
6. Determine your most interesting character idea. Who do I love? Do I want to see him act? Do I love the way he thinks? Do I care about the challenges he has to overcome? What will I learn from exploring this theme?
7. What is the central conflict? Who fights whom over what? The story is what I did to get what I wanted and why.
8. What is the single cause-and-effect pathway?
9. How does the hero change?
Here's something that might help:

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