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Review by Ajani Mgo
Rated: E | (4.5)
I shall do a review on the atmosphere of the text, above all content.

As I initially spot the title of your text, I thought privately that it would be another one of those naive, hackneyed articles which seemed to repeat one after another by the mere listing of tips to well - "Truth".

Nevertheless, I decided to do something with the free time I had. I was proven wrong when I read upon this line.

"How can you do this, Momma?" One of my sisters asked on Mom's last day. "How can you smile and offer us solace with such a vast darkness approaching?"

My mother said only, "Because there is not a darkness. Not to me. Not in front, not behind. I'm surrounded by light on this side and there. Those who love me are in both places."

I believe from those words, that not only did she leave peacefully (as not many actually have the courage when the time comes to do with grace), but she also must have had a beautiful life. Your pen suggests this to me very well. This is an exposition of your thoughts and feelings - your experience to be let known to others. I congratulate you on having such wonderful skills of the emotional pen.
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