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Review by C.R. Rathkamp
Rated: 18+ | (3.5)
I used to watch the series when I was a child and demanded to know more about the trading card game that insinuated with its attributes. I Didn’t know until later in life about the formula and posterity of manga that I would became a fan of the manga. Thus, I hated and issued odd retaliation with the anime.

With that mentioned, I was on search for words themselves not the themes or the attractions made realized onto me with formula. In odd rest and retrospect I became unable to read the written works you provided because I was becoming unnaturally embarrassed.

The work is fine and tuned, better than I could aid to be. But, I'm concerned about the themes laid in this formula, the dance, the conversations are short, and the written words are short too when it comes to conversation, which is well and all, but sometimes I couldn't aid the thoughts that progressed in this imagination with creative embrace the characters represented in different roles. It was diabolic to me, but me alone.

When I chanced to learn the outlines of the anime characters I was unable to conduct creative introductions to the characters because the face of an old anime seemed to tinge onto me, like a tick that suffers the loathed blood from the vessel.

In other words, I didn't like it because it was fan-fiction, and I knew that going in, but I still resulted to remain dysfunctional and incongruity to the natural call that was offered. and with the terrible sounds populating my mind, I confess: “It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t well mannered because of the themes.

I know that it’s fan-fiction, but I couldn’t take it with serious interests.

“You can continue to understand that I am one person: one individual with different perspectives and—with continual account—a differentiating reader coming to the conclusion that I should read classics, and not fan-fiction, for it bothers the head, the brain in its seductions, and I, possibly, entertain that I didn’t want to read the entire written work.

(I did appreciate the Robert A. Heinlein quote though! I was able to sit down, for two weeks and read the STRANGER FROM A STRANGE LAND, and it’s still quivers, balances, and shoots arrows into this heart of mine.)

Within the limits of greater works of written texts that maintain borders of natural righteousness I was able to throw and concede against the idea of fan-fiction, but it still posters against me.

Don’t think it’s bad! You did well trained work, continue to write!

I simply state its not my forte.

Forgive me... for being such a stubborn old man.
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