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Review of Freedom to choose  
Review by suseZ
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They don't want to legalize marijuana because legalization would stop a hell lot of authorities from earning through this illegal trade of marijuana which generates tax free black money.

Official statistics reveal that Alcohol and tobacco are the two major factors leading to death on consumption whereas
consumption of marijuana is attributed to zero number of deaths.

Marijuana consumption leads to killing of brain cells is the most popular myth that I laugh about because marijuana when smoked alone doesn't kill brain cells but only stimulates them. The entire myth was a result of a careless experiment conducted by the US govt. officials in the past where the scientists exposed a group monkeys to a blast of high THC graded Colombian Grass through pipe masks for hours continuously and and repeated it for over a month. The results were obviously Non-sense.

Why are pot smokers criminalized? We don't get violent, we love peace.
We smoke weed and we think better if we have the intellect.
Many great musicians do weed to enhance the working of their brains and to free their minds.
Comedians call it magic potion.
Biologists Believe The Law of the Land doesn't ensure justice to the biological world by prohibition of cannabis.
Doctors recommend Marijuana as one of the most important source for the THC drug that has extremely beneficial medicinal values.
Economists identify Marijuana as one of the greatest resources for production of several commodities such as hemp paper, ropes, fiber materials, clothes, handicrafts, Natural herbal medicines etc etc.

We need to join our hands together in a more grand and important way to fight for the legalization of one the most important herbs that naturally evolved alongside many civilizations.
Lets Move on to a Liberal society where Stoners are not discriminated. PEACE.
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