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Review by Izumi Ryu
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It's been a long time since I've watched professional wrestling, so long a time, it was when the WWE was still split among the WCW and the WWF. Of the ones listed, I only recognized Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker and Rey Mysterio. Of those four, I would have to rank the Undertaker as my personal favorite, even back when I was watching it. I still remember the constant battle he had with Cain, and at the time, before he went back to the 'bad guy' routine, did a very good job with the dark good guy routine.

However, the time I was watching and keeping track of things, in the WCW, the likes of Sting and Diamond Dallas Page were kings. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan's New World Order was raising Hell among the WCW and constantly at war with the WCW superstars, even going as far as recruiting a fake Sting among their ranks. In the WWF, you had "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in constant clash with Brett "The Hitman" Hart, Owen Hart, and the British Bulldog. On top of that, Faroo led a gangster-style group called the Nation of Domination that would cause havoc among the WWF. Among their enemies included Rocky Maiavia (don't remember how to spell his last name), who was later called "The Rock", and the Legion of Doom.

However, among my favorite wrestlers of all-time would have to be the one guy that has always sent the Nation of Domination packing. Almost always wielding a 2 by 4, Ahmed Johnson would end up chasing off Faroo and his chronies left and right, leaving the NoD constantly fearing his appearance.
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