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Review of Moses Rose  
Review by R. Alan Wilson
Rated: 13+ | (4.0)
Interesting read. I am a student of history and did not know of Moses. I've walked around inside the main Alamo bldg several times and have always taken note of how hushed it is. Respect for this Texas shrine. I live in Georgetown but have traveled a great deal in my life being an Army brat then doing 28yr myself in the USAF. Of all the famous places I have visited, the Alamo is at the TOP of the list for history and an air of sacredness.

R. Wilson
Georgetown, TX
Review of The Skirt  
Review by R. Alan Wilson
Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
My dear lady,

I was just delighted with your story. As a 'mature' guy, I well remember how the skirt hems seemed to rise two inches a year for awhile in the late 50's then, again, with Twiggy in the 70's. As a young man I was 'gobsmacked' to see a pretty teenager sporting a skirt 4-5in above the knees! The MOST BY FAR great thing was the distinct possibility of an 'upskirt.' Many the night upon going to bed I would imagine Suzi or Sally "unknowingly" present her little white panties to me or the boys in general in a classroom setting. Oh, I'm sure the other girls were most jealous but acted affronted! Until that is they could get home and shorten one of their skirts also.

Great little story, well crafted and presented. In a short story EVERY WORD is vital and must, in a very compact way tell so much. Please continue to write. I felt an inbred talent in you that must needs escape through the written word.
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