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Rated: 18+ | (4.5)
This is one of the more unique giantess interactive stories available to add to, focusing on young girls that may not necessarily handle their changes well compared to a teen or adult. Naturally, this makes what can be done with them somewhat limited, but I feel its more hindered by the rather intimidating list of rules. Perhaps they could be condensed to make it seem less daunting to add without necessarily sacrificing what the owner desires to see?

Regardless, this is a unique and interesting gem to check out, especially if you're into detailed growth with more unique personalities. I believe I've found a personal favorite in Olivia.
Review of Pure Darkness  
Rated: E | (4.0)
Very enthralling story, although I wonder if it was a bit too early in the story for Ethan to join his brother? It could have led to some interesting conflict later between the two brothers. Also, since you've explained a bit on what an Anatra and a Sontid are, it would be helpful to the reader if you explained what a Trismos is. I know that this story is incomplete as of this review, but it would be helpful nonetheless near the beginning.

Please keep this story going! I look forward to reading more of it!
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