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Review of Through the Fire  
Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
You are doing a great job showing us how we all climb up the ladder consciously, having tasted betrayal and treasonous behaviours in those we thought we knew. This is where the rubber hits the road, and we our true grit arises. We are fortified more than we know, and so goodness and mercy do rise in us more than we know. Thom represents all who try to live righteously, but come to the place where testings cause us to walk amidst fires... we either are burned or walk through those flames..

When we are vulnerable enough to take a good look, utilizing the tools of evaluation and exploration, being careful to analyze what to do, what not to do,make changes where needed, it is then we can create the kind of flow, that is unstoppable! Thom is re-evaluating what once he thought he understood. Seeing through the deceptions and subliminal processes that overcome people.. His awareness is growing as he looks to merge the knowledge of the mind, and wisdom and love within his heart for the lost. Can he do, it... I think so, as you have assured us of His steadfast faith...

this is a good write... here is a thought to share...

Do we reach higher levels, as we recognize 'good' even in experiences that don't look 'good'?

is there a power that permeates us... that takes us beyond, that orchestrates things for our better good?

If we see beyond the persons, looking beyond at what works behind the scenes, what might we see?

Is there any mysterious forces working for and against us? Your thoughts?

Or is everything just done on a physical plane, in a physical dimension?

Great glimpse into how we wrestle, how we begin to question, how we go from to and fro as we grow...

liked this very much

Dew Re Mi
Review of That's you  
Rated: E | (5.0)
This poem reflects the unclaimed love forming the beloveds every thought. I felt you in this one, so this is what you want to see, people resonating with you, feeling the experience you want to convey.

Reminds me of seeing His/Her face in every place you look. Loving, wanting, yearning, yet perhaps a consideration ... that love comes when one least expects it... sometimes we look so hard for love, that we miss it as it walks by.

It is a good poem, with sentiments that one yearning wants, but as yet has not experienced the lovers response. I'd like to see the last lines merge with the ideal that love will come.. and bloom... but hey, that is me..:) Good job.

Rated: E | (5.0)
...and he wanted us to "come" to the other shore. What a beautiful display of surf, laughter, warming our souls.... a real delight that flames us warming our hearts as the Spirit draws us in. I can't help but want to land in your 'Grassy Sound' lands just to breathe in all this life... deep waters of soulful inspirations you lovingly share from your watery lands... a great joy to read, taste, and hey, I can smell the air! haha... I love this work, and hear those children high with life resounding with such enthusiastic response to all that is good.

lovely, lovely, lovely... catch of the day!

Now this is art!

with love
Dew Re Mi....
Review of Stay  
Rated: E | (4.5)
As we travel life's long road we do so, a few of us looking for an encounter with God. There is a sadness within that feels God will leave, and yet a faint hope God will remain. A yearning for this presence to stay. I feel you need to develop this a little more, using words that describe why God would want to leave, maybe mentioning what invisible barriers you have found within yourself. Your poem is touching, in that it speaks of the hearts desire to remain with God in your midst. Good effort.

Best Regards
Dew Re Mi

As a courtesy perhaps you might send this back with a comment. I am new here and looking to write some myself. It is a pleasure to read your poem.
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