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Review of The encounter  
Review by druid
Rated: E | (4.5)
What can I say? I loved this piece! So descriptive and evocative, such wonderful use of imagery. I will definitely be following up and reading more of what you post.

Some comments; please understand that these are my own opinion and are only intended to be helpful.

'"Maybe" - she speculates' - I may be wrong here, as I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think this is correct us of the hyphen. It jarred a bit on reading and applied the flow a little for me.

Use of the ellipsis ( ... ): The ellipsis is treated as a word, so there should be a space on either side. In addition, while I see what you're trying to do with it (and I've done the same in much of my writing!), it would be more correct to use periods here instead. In my own (inexpert) opinion, the prose flows just as well.

Honestly though, I can scarcely believe that English is not your first language. You write it better than most native English speakers.

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