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Review Style
Honestly, just tell me what you want me to look for and I can give you tips on it. I might also give you tips on things you didn't ask for, but you are welcome to take those with a grain of salt if you think that your story is fine the way it is. It's our writing and who am I to judge? (Also, I hand out 50 gift points with all my reviews. Writing is hard and posting it for other people to judge is even harder. You've earned a reward.)
I'm good at...
A lot of things. And if I'm not the person for the job, I have a few friends who can definitely do it.
Favorite Genres
Least Favorite Genres
Please no real-life politics. I can barely deal with my country as it is without having a breakdown, I'd rather not have to read it too.
Favorite Item Types
Anything. Anything at all. I don't care if it's three words long or a full length novel, I will read it for you and review it.
Least Favorite Item Types
See above.
I will not review...
Something sent to me that is derogatory towards a group of marginalized people. I don't mean Neo-Nazis, but those with mental health issues, those of non-white races, those struggling financially, etc. I will report anything that is extremely rude or condescending towards these types of groups.
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