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Review of Coming Home  
Review by f.x.keenan
Rated: E | (5.0)
Very classical in its feel. Very precise.
An excellent work. I did have to read it several times to feel
I comprehended it as a whole. Excellent.
Review of Memories of Santa  
Review by f.x.keenan
Rated: E | (1.0)
Patrick, it's called EDITING! Holy $hi! are there alot of errors in this. Nobody wants to keep reading when it's obvious by the second paragraph that the writer didn't care enough about their work to fix the spelling, punctuation etc.
You were on your 5th word when the first error occured! 'It's' is supposed to be capitalized. That word begins a new sentence as per your decision making. Had the preceeding period been a comma you would have been fine, but it wasn't. Your 8th word 'Church' is not supposed to be capitalized in the way it's used here. 'flu that effectr' and 'makes you church' (you should be 'your') follow in the very same sentence. And the rate of error doesn't much improve from there....
How can anybody concentrate on the story with all this going on. You're better than this!
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