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Review by George R. Lasher
Rated: ASR | (5.0)
I humbly bow before thee, entertained from the tip of me head to all ten of me terrified toes. This is the kind of thing that makes me search through the vast wasteland of material posted on WDC.

Perhaps ye coulda avoided a few wasses, and reworded a few things a tad bit here and there, but fer the most part, this is a jewel that shines as bright as a diamond among the dull rocks on the reef posted by most Newbies.

Sensational, says I.

A pirate and his parrot are the only survivors of a shipwreck. Floatin about in the sea with no rations and little hope of rescue, the pirate finds a magic lantern in the bottom of the dinghy in which they bob.

The pirate rubs the lamp and a genie appears. The genie says he will grant the pirate one wish.

"One wish?" complains the pirate. "I thought genies gave three!"

"Bad economy, explains the genie. Will you be wantin' your wish or not?"

After conferrin' with his parrot, which takes a while because the two of em proceed to argue over what to ask for, the pirate turns round and says, "Turn the entire ocean into rum!"

The genie is shocked to say the least. "You're coulda asked to be rescued. Or you coulda asked for your dinghy to be turned into a fine sailin' ship, you know?" The genie stares at the pirate and then at the parrot who appears to be really pissed off at the pirate.

Again, the pirate insists, "Do as I told ya, genie, and be quick aboot it. Turn the ocean into the finest rum ever made."

The genie shrugs and disappears. As he fades from view, sure enough, the ocean turns to rum.

The pirate dips a hand in the ocean brings it to his lips and tastes what moments before woulda been saltwater. The smile on his face confirms that his wish has been granted. Delighted, he turns to the parrot,who still looks particularly pissed.

"What's your problem?" the pirate asks. "This is every pirate's dream come true!"

The parrot shakes his head and says, "Oh great, now we're goon to have to piss in the boat!"

Kindest regards,

George Aaaargh Lasher

"Welcome to my imagination."

Review by George R. Lasher
Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
About the only reason I can't give you a five on this is because I lack the sensitivity to relax, relate and surrender to the velvet subtlety of the emotions and ideas you have so eloquently portrayed. If I may borrow from the parlance and vernacular of my younger years, "Far out, man. This is deep."

I think I understand it all. The changing shades and textures of the rose represent the transition from wide-eyed innocence and trust to the saddened realization of betrayal. The offended party, refuses the reconciliation attempt and somewhat surprisingly refuses to become jaded and bitter, responding to treachery with the sad understanding that to love and to have lost eclipses never having loved at all. One is wiser and richer for the experience and the other is a fool who has forfeited something of great value.

To a dyed in the wool, bull headed, barbecue eatin' Texan this was haute cuisine, indeed. A kaleidoscope of communicated colors to which my habitually monochromatic palette is unequivocally unaccustomed; but I loved it.

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