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Review by principe azzurro
Rated: E | (2.5)
by reading the text, starting from the beginning until the end of the story, I really felt the different emotions and feelings coming from this text. I felt the love of a child for his/her mother even though she's not the mother that everyone dreams to have. I love the way that the author remembers all those happy memories of his/her mother.

As a reviewer of this text, all I can say is that this is such a very good example of how we must write our letters, stories or even poems. We must write it with feelings.
As for the author, please keep on making great ones, do not stop until you made one. And as for the memory of your mother, try not to forge them. Because it's the only thing that you have right now. Memories of the people we love are also one of those things that makes us complete. Live with those memories.

As I have said, please keep on making new and great ones and try to make them better and better until you became a great writer. THANK YOU...

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