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Review of Dressed to Kill  
Review by jake
Rated: E | (4.0)
A good story that held my attention. What a great first paragraph and then I particular enjoyed the idea of clothing being parasitic and at first expected that this was to be developed into some kind of supernatural tale. This introduction was so good that you set the bar very high, but for the most part the it was attained.

Everybody seems unpleasant in the story. Is this because they are seen through the eyes of the psychopathic narrator? In the end the horror is lessened by this because the reader has the impression that the sales lady got what she deserved.

On occasion I felt that the sentences were a little short and found myself ignoring fullstops, but maybe this is just because I tend to get wordy. I believe that in places the rhythm needs to be smoothed out.

I had fun reading your work
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